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I for one am looking forward to seeing Nikki Reed portray Rosalie in a more in-depth way. She is such an amazing actress and really understands the depth of Rosalie. In an interview, Nikki said out of all the characters she has played, Rosalie is her favorite and she relates to her because she is more than a pretty face. Even in New Moon we caught a glimpse of what was to come during the vote scene when Rosalie denied Bella. The pain and anguish on her face showed that there was more to it than her not liking Bella. I cant wait to see Nikki act out Rosalie's backstory. What does everyone think about that and Eclipse coming out in general? Will it be good, will David Slade do it justice, will it be better than the book, or leave much more to be desired?

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hmm... i really don't know, but I can't wait to Rosalie's story!! :D :D
i think eclipse will be the best movie for rosalie because she becomes really caring towards bella
I think if the screenplay writer does it justice then Eclipse will definitely show the depth and other side of Rosalie. Unfortunately I think that her backstory will be downplayed so the younger audience wont be affected by the rating. In the book, Rosalie's backstory wasnt in great detail but there was enough to understand what happened to her. I wonder how they are going to approach it.
I can't wait!
Although I'm pretty sure the story is going to be just glimpse in the movie,
just like other stories that has been told in the movies.
Well I certainly hope Rose has a bit more time in this movie, and that her story is done justice. I can't wait to see it played on the big screen!
If given the chance I know that Nikki Reed can show the depth of Rosalie and her character.
Oh I really look forward to that! If Nikki does a good job, no doubt it'll be one of the best scenes in the Eclipse movie. I only hope the story won't be cut short (like the meadow scene in Twilight).
i know i dint know either but im just ready to see her mom thinks its weird!
certainly rosie
I am really excited to see how all of it will play out. Can't wait!


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