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Really, I dont understand. She is great !!! WHY really WHY everybody thinks that she is so selfish or mean???? Tell me what do you think !!

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i like her
I like her too! Lol
I agree with that witheverything you said about her
I agree with you!!!
i think its because shes not a very common carecter like they tak alot about the others but not her untill breaking dawn or it could be because she a little vain or mabey shes just not very nice.
Like usual I agree Dirk and some people dont understand the depth of Rosalie's character because there are so many stereotypical characters out there that people are used to reading about. Rosalie is a beautiful blonde with confidence and people automatically want to stereotype her instead of look at the depth of her character. It is pretty ironic because the people that feel that Rosalie is shallow are actually the shallow ones because they refuse to see past her appearance. Those people also are usually in love with Bella's character and refuse to see anything past how Bella saw things. Bella was intimidated by Rosalie and therefore anything Rosalie did was heightened ten times with an intimidation factor. Since the reader is looking through Bella's eyes they could overlook a lot.
That is also why some readers cant see how selfish and fickled Bella acted at times. Kristen Stewart even pointed that out in an interview. She said it was ironic that people thought Bella was so selfless because in reality she was very selfish throughout the books. She wanted everything and didnt care how she got it. She wanted Edward as her lover and Jacob as her friend even though Jacob kept saying he couldnt be that. Then she was shocked when Jacob and Edward couldnt get along and Jacob tried to make passes at her. All in all people are going to see what they want to see and most of them refuse to look deeply at Rosalie's character.
I totaly agree !
I couldnt say better !!
Just one thing BRAVO !!!
That's exactly what I think; I actually like Bella the least out of the characters, shes extremely selfish because she uses Jacob, and then shes just so un confident, it bugs me. I think rose has been through so much, so shes a complicated women, and people don't understand that.
i love her she is so awsome!
she is an awsome vampire i love her i kinda like her better than alice but l love them all i think people dont like rosalie because she is shallow and vain !
People dont like her because they just see one side of her, a very one dimensional view of her in my opinion. Only readers who are willing to look deeper into the characters will understand Rosalie and for others it goes right over their heads.
I personally love Rose. People just don't look at her deep down inside, they only look at what she pretends to be, which is the selfish and mean girl. But that's their opinion.


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