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Really, I dont understand. She is great !!! WHY really WHY everybody thinks that she is so selfish or mean???? Tell me what do you think !!

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I think she didn't like Bella because she was putting her only family at risk, and she doesn't want to lose her family. I understand Rosalie's point of view.
becasue she is against bella.
I think everybody doesn't like her because of how she treats Bella and Edward. They feel she is being unfair to Bella even though we later find out she is mostly justified.
i like hershe reminds me of my
i think she was mean but now tht i know her story i know
why she acts that way.
God! I can list more reasons than I would like too, so I guess here's a few:

1. People look at Edwards Description of Rosalie and how she is conceited, b****y, self-centered, vain, a brat, etc. And only see that side of her.....

2. Bella gets everything and I mean everything she wants. Rosalie just wants to have a family and kids, and she doesn't get that. Heck, Bella got all that, and Rose didn't! Wouldn't you be bitter, too?

3. I agree with everyone's comments.

4. Bella also contributes to that, because when Bella says something, she basically gets it......and Rosalie doesn't. Bella also thinks that she's conceited, a B****, self-centered, vain, etc.

5. If we, the Rosalie fans, could have our way, the whole book series of Twilight would be turned upside down and Rosalie, well, her past would be a lot more happier.....I think.

Please tell me if you agree! Thanks!
The fact that the whole series is done in either Bella's POV or Jacob's is the main reason people hate on Rosalie. It takes intelligent readers to analyze the story and go deeper to find out about different characters. Not everyone is willing to read and think about the depth of all the characters. Reading in first person has that as a only get one perspective instead of a vast majority.
People don't like Rosalie because the story is told out of Bella's point of view and Bella makes Rosalie look like an evil person that doesn't have feelings for others.
Great point and I totally agree. Plus Bella was completely intimidated by Rosalie's beauty and the fact that Edward had a chance to be with her when she was first turned so yea Bella isnt the best view point to go by when it comes to Rosalie.
well there is a draft SM made in rosalie's point of view somewhere in her site, when she made the phone call in new moon, when i read that i really think i befriended rosalie

lately i have been really found of misunderstood characters and rose is of the cullen family the one that is most.
i mean what would it feel for bella to be in her place, i know because i have.

what would it feel to have everything a woman wanted, eternal youth eternal beauty and let me say eternaly slim, you know rosalie has been that forever and i would die to ask bella what would it feel like to be every woman's dream but to be paying the price that rosalie paid?

yes she is pretty young and slim but she is miserable to, she would be willing to change all that for a chance being human, for her womb to be able to procreate and get fat with a baby,to be able to age pass her years and not be stuck as a eternal senior, to forget she is tied to be forever hungry for blood, rosalie would change anything, her beauty her youth, even emmett to turn the clock around

i think people dont see what it must feel like to be her, yes you have anything a woman would want, but not her she doesnt want it, maybe she did once upon a time when she was a spoiled banker's daughter, but now she is trapped in the mess, being steril is horrible, being a age less walking porcelain monster must be too, at her eyes, for her not to have a baby, i cant know what is must feel for rose when she sees human moms walk around her every day, while she is stuck being young forever, if in one thing rosalie could be considered selfish is in wanting the things that where taken away from her so i undertand perfectly why rosalie would have been the one to vote NO, yes i would vote no too
where can i find that?
Well...I think that's because many people have been on Bella's side from the very beginning and she wasn't nice to her then. Actually this used to be my attitude too.


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