The Twilight Saga


Heidi Holt is 16 years old. Heidi is moving to rainy forks with her Mom and her little brother Raymond. They move to get away from all the crime in the big cities.Hiedi attends the local high school. She gets popular instantly -maybe from her good looks or her personality.She makes some new friends fast. So one saturday her and her friends go down to the beach on the La Push indian Rervation. But when they meet up with the locals Heidi meets Seth Clearwater and its love at first sight. Seth and Haidi become friends instantly, But is Seth hidding something from Heidi??


Chapter 1 Heidi P.O.V.

I was on the plane with my little brother sitting on my lap and my mom sitting beside me. We where heading for Forks, Washington. We only had two more hours more till we reached Forks so I decided to take a nap. ~2 hours later~  I woke up from my mom shaking me.

"Wake up Sweetie we're almost there."

"K Mom"

I woke up ray by jabbing him in the stomache

"Hey cutt it out"

"We're almost there"

"Fine" he said.

We landed then we got our luggage. We cuaght a ride with some new neibhors, that we met while checking out the house.We drove in silence, which was all right with me. it only took ten minutes to get to the white house that had two floors and the pint was chipping. i was the last to get in and my ray and my mom had already had picked there rooms so i was left with the smallest bedroom in the house. I decided to go to the grocery store to buy something for lunch. so I grabbed my jacket and headed outside.I walked in silence. Finaly I git to the grocery store. I walked in passing by a old woman. The store seemed smaller then it looked. I walked to the bread i got white then i got penutbutter and jelly. I wlked to the cashregister. I was the only person in line so the cashier rung them up. "5.99" i grabbed a five and a one from my coat pokcet. "Thanks for shopping here please come back soon" she said dully. I grabbed the bag the walk back home.


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Do you like it? Should i post more?

Ok here is some more

Chapter 2 Seth P.O.V.

I was on Patrol, but i had only an hour. So I trotted deeper into the forest. I ran faster and faster. Dude, Seth Where are you going? Quil asked

I'm going to the beach

While your wolf?

No, Im gonna go see if i can cach up to-  Right then a howl echoed across the forest interupting my thoughts.

C'mon Seth. It's Sam. I'll race you Quil thought

Your on man! I pushed off into the direction of were Sam had howled. I'm gonna beat you Seth!! Thought Quil. I heard heavy, strong pawsteps behind in a heartbeat Leah was infront of me. Hey Sethy, How was patrol? Leah thought Fine Leah, How was the beach? I asked her.


I told you it wouldn't be fun with out your little brother I thought while jumping over a bush, landing beside Jake. A second later Quil skidded to a hualt next to Embry. HaHa I won I told Quil

Next Time, Seth i'm gonna beat you!

Collin, Brady, Jared, and Paul trotted in altogether.

Hey Jake I thought.

Hey Kid he greeted me.

We have a problem guys Sam thought

Is it the Cullens Sam? Asked Em

No, Jake, Collin, And Brady came across a Leech Feeding. When they Phased it was gone so they tracked it but they lost the trail by the Canadian border.

So what do you want us to do Sam? I asked

Well Seth, I want a group of three to go to the Cullens to ask them if they know anything about it. And I would like for Jake Seth and Leah to go see, k?

Sure we all thought together. C'mon guys thought Jake as he trotted toward Forks.

Wait up Jake!! I thought. Me and leah ran after him.


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plz continue. this is really good so far
I love it you should really continue(:

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