The Twilight Saga

Could it be? (Seth inprint story, and his POV) written by Stormy Dawn

 {PG-13, for language and other certain types of things}


--Chapter One--

     Leah and I ran fast toward's the Cullen's. Today the new, happily married couple was retruning home. Being without our Alpha for a month and a week was terrible. Leah hated being in charge.

Seth, Leah huffed. Shut up. I barked a laugh. If only I could. She growled and ran faster, practically leaving me in her dust.

     I was sad as I ran into the cullen's yard. Stupid Leah- always leaving me behind!

"Seth!" I froze. Standing in front of the house was Bella, Edward, Leah, Alice, Jasper, and... Jacob and Renesmee! When I was within range, Nessie threw her self forward; hugging me tightly. I licked her cheek when she pulled back.

     Um, hang on- I need to go phase. I knew Edward was relaying my message as I dashed to the trees. This time, Nessie gave me a real hug.

"It's good to see you again, Seth!"

"I missed you, too," I amended.

     "What about me?" Jacob asked, cocking an eye brow. Renesmee giggled and took his hand.

"I miss you, of course. Leah sucks as Alpha!" That made all of them laugh... even my sister.

"Jake, never do that to me again," she said, grinning at me. "Cause Seth is right. I am so not meant to be Alpha."

     He laughed.

"Don't worry, I plan on staying right here, close to home." He looked down at his wife, a look of love covering his face. I felt a ping a sadness underneath my happyness for him. I would probably never imprint on a girl.

     "Seth," Edward sighed. He had been one of my best friends since I had helped him kick Victoria and her little newborn toy's butt. He chuckled, then sobbered up. "You will, Seth. You will."

Edward, you cannot know that. He sighed and tapped his temple. That gift doesn't help with imprinting, Edward. I know that much.

     He sighed again, knowing I was right.

"Okay, um, Mom, Dad, I need you guys to excuse me. I need to speak privetly with Grandpa," Nessie murmured. They nodded. Jake turned, as if to follow her. "No, you stay." He frowned. Nessie leaned forward on her tip toes and kissed him gently.

     Bella stuck up a conversation with Jake, but I didn't really pay much attetion. My thoughts drifted back to when Bella and Edward had come back from their honeymoon. That's when Edward suddenly became ridged, and a growl excaped him. His eyes were locked onto Jacob.

"Edward?" Bella murmured.

     "You dirty little mutt!" I growled at Edward before I could stop my self. No one was allowed to disrespect my Alpha. Not even Edward.

"What did I do?" That's when Nessie returned, with Carlisle in tow. The moment she saw her father, she turned angry.

     "You listened in! How dare you!" She hissed. Edward didn't stop glaring at Jacob.

"What... Carlisle?" Bella asked. The blond vamp looked at Nessie. She shook her head.

"I should tell them."

"Tell us what?" I demanded.

     I had yet to take my eyes off of Edward.

"Mom, Dad, Jake, guys... I'm pregnate." And that's when her father snapped.




     Even inside the Cullen's house, I was a wolf. And I stood between Edward and Jacob. the vamp had already attacked my Alpha, and I didn't want him doing it again. Bella sat with Nessie on the couch. Jake stood next to the couch. Carlise stood beside Edward. All the other vamps agreed to stay outside until this was resolved.

    "You are now all grown up," Bella murmured. A deep, ferial grow rumbled inside Edward's chest.

"Son," Carlisle murmured, laying his hand on Edward's shoulder, "please just take a moment to calm your self. Can you not see that your daughter is happy? Can you not be happy for her?"

"It's not that," Edward said between his teeth.

     "Then what is it?" Nessie demanded, still trying to hold back tears. She was really happy, which had said, because she now had a true family with Jake.

"It's because you are so young! You are not even an adult, and now you're going to bare a child!"

"Be happy for me!"

     Nessie flew to her feet from the couch.

"And how dare you! I knew you were going to react horridly, but if I had known this would have been your reaction, I would not have come home!" Renesmee threw at him, her tears finally flowing over. Jacob pulled her into a tight embrace.

     Edward closed his eyes, his body turning into a true stone. I yerned to go over and console Nessie. I hated to see her cry...

Go on, Leah said, stepping into the house. I can watch this vamp. I nodded thankfully and padded over to Nessie and Jake.

     A whine excaped my chest. She knelt, taking Jake with her, and toughed my muzzle.

"Hey, Seth. Sorry you have to be apart of this." I shook my head, and whinned again.

You are my family now, Renesmee. Jake placed his hand over hers, as if he had herd my thoughts.

"Thank you, Seth."

     I just stared at them. It was time we should head home. I looked at Nessie. All of us. I looked at Bella with pleading eyes. She sighed and nodded.

"Jake, take her home," she murmured. "I need some time alone with Edward. And I know she will be safe with all of you, right?"

     She did not look at Jake when she said that. She looked at me. I saw her thanks in her eyes. I had saved her best friend from the love of her life, and now she was intrusting me to help keep her daughter alive. I nodded.

"Alright," Jake murmured, lifting his wife into his arms.

     "Seth, scout out ahead of us. Leah, keep an eye out behind us." That's when he ran. I dug my claws into the ground, making me run even faster. Everything was clear once we reached Billy's. Nessie stood next to me as he ran inside to say hello to his father. Her small hand held a patch of my fur.

     Leah burst into sight just then.

Do you think Edward will slip past his family? she asked. I huffed.

I honestly do not know. I never expected him to ever attack Jake. If Jake allows me, I'm going to spend tonight with them.

     She nodded.

Alright. I'm going to head home and tell Sue we won't be home tonight.

Where will you be? I demanded.

I'm going to be running the line. Embry is going to help me.

     I frowned.

How do you know that?

Because I'm going to make him. I laughed. She chuckled. Let Jake know where I went. I nodded and she ran off.

     Nessie frowned towards where Leah's furry butt had disappeared.

"Alright," Jacob said, walking up to us. "Let's head home." He lifted her up again and we ran to the cabin Bella had baught when he purposed to Renesmee. While they headed inside, I ran a perimiter around the cabin.

     I knocked on the door as I opened it.

"You can come in," Nessie murmured. She sat alone on the couch.

"Where did Jake go?" That's when I herd him in the bathroom. "Oh."

"So, how come Leah ran off?"

     "She is going to speak with out mother, then run the border line with Embry." Nessie flintched, I sat next to her and hugged her.

"I'm so sorry, Seth. I never meant to impose on you werewolves." I herd Jake paused in the hallway as he listened to us.

     "Renesmee Carlie Black," I said. She smiled. "You are my family now. I will do anything to protect my family." Jake picked then to walk into the livingroom. I stood, letting him sit next to her mate. "Hey, Jake?"


     "May I stay here tonight? I would like to be here just incase..." I trailed off.

"Yes, of course." He stood from Nessie, laying his hand on my shoulder. "Thank you, Seth, for everything." I smiled.

"Don't sweat it, Jacob."

     He opened his mouth to say something, but I stopped with with, "You would have done the same for me."




--Chapter Two--

     Jake had taken Renesmee back to their room. I paced silently in the living room. Edward had truthfully scared me today. I would have never thought he would attack Jacob, knowing it would fatally hurt Nessie. I mean, didn’t he love his daughter?

“Seth,” Jake whispered.

     I turned to him.

“She had finally fallen asleep. Hey, you know you don’t have to stay up all night, right?”

“Yeah, but if-”

“I don’t think he will.”

     When I frowned at him, Jacob said, “I have great faith in Bella. She will have him seeing things her way in no time… especially when it comes to Nessie.”

“Bella can make wondrous things happen… but, Jake, man, he attacked you. In front of everyone.”

“I know, dude, I know. But I would be pissed if my child came home pregnant from her honeymoon,” he said.

     I nodded.

“Of course, anyone would; but I-”

“Calm.” Jacob laid his hand on my shoulder. “Once tonight is over, he should be good. If not, then Nessie had agreed to stay here in La Push with me.”

     Smart choice.

“And, Seth, she asked me to ask something of you.” I looked at him.

“Anything.” A huge grin over took Jacob’s face.

“Please be the child’s Godfather.”

     Now a huge smile over to my face.

“I’m not done.” There’s more? “And, will you help us with the child?” Jake asked. “It’s just, we do not know what this child is going to be like… and with me being Alpha and always off on patrol-”

“You don’t want to leave her to everything on her own,” I finished. He nodded. “Of course I’ll help, Jake. How could I refuse?”

     Jacob suddenly hugged, then quickly pulled back. We normally didn’t hug each other, but I knew that right now was a very emotional situation for him- as was for me, too.

“You should go sleep by Nessie. Who knows if she’s wake up. I doubt she’ll want to be without you.”

     “You’re right.”

He turned and headed back to his room.

“Seth, you need sleep too, buddy.”

“Good-night, Jake.”





     The sun rose and woke me as it beat across my face. I stood from the couch and stretched. The night had gone by smoothly. Someone is cooking, I noted, as the smell of food entered my nose. I followed the sent into the kitchen, where Jake stood cooking.

“Morning, Seth,” Nessie greeted.

     I sat next to her at the table.

“Morning. How are you doing?” Around her shoulders she held a blanket. Renesmee’s cold? She noticed my gaze just before she answered.

“Well, I’m.”

     Nessie didn’t answer. She just stood and parted the blanket. Shock colored my face. Her belly was visibly bigger than it had been last night. She looked as if she had been pregnant for months.

“I’m plump.” That make me chuckled. Nessie looked down from me to her belly as she sat. Her hand rubbed the growing child in a caress.

     “Food is ready!” Jake set a plate of eggs in front me, then his wife. But his plate, I noticed, had the most eggs on it. I ignored that and began to scarf down the eggs. Nessie was half way down with her food when Jake and I had finished.

“Pigs,” she snorted, taking another bite.

“Just take your time,” Jake said, affection deep in his voice.

     “If you don’t mind me say,” I murmured, “you two will make excellent parents.” Both of them froze, staring at me. I shrugged and looked away uncomfortably. “What? I’m serious.” Slowly, but surely, a grin began to over take her face. Jake just simply looked at her, his surprised face giving away to love.

     “Thank you very much, Seth.” She pushed from the chair and hugged me. I could feel her extended belly. “So, did Jake-”

“Yes, I did,” Jake interjected, “and Seth agreed to both.“ Her face lit up even more and she hugged me again, but this time the hug was tighter.

     “Oh, Seth!” I grinned.

“Now, thank you.”

“Of course.” She took the last bite of your food. “Now, um, I want to go some where.”

“Where?” Jake I asked together.

    “I want to see my parents again… and I want to talk to my grandpa about this.” She stroked her belly again. “You know, so we can be as prepared as possible.” I looked at my Alpha. I did not want her to go, but if thought she would be safe, then I would go along with it.

“Only as long as you keep either me or Seth with you at all times,” Jacob said.

     She nodded quickly.

“Okay, that’s a deal.” Jake stood and picked her up. “I can walk, you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” He was grinning. “But I don’t want to take a chance of you hurting your self.” She sighed, but argued no more.

     As they ran, I jogged away to phase. Being in human form, Jake was easy to catch up with. Nessie reached out for me, I dashed closer. Her fingers brushed through my fur.

“You’re one of my best friends, Seth,” she amended. Joy coursed through me

     It did not take us long to reach the Cullen house hold. Bella, Edward, and Carlisle were standing outside, waiting. I could hear the others inside. Jake stopped about twenty feet from them. Carlisle advanced. Nessie dropped from Jacob’s arms, keeping the blanket securely around her, and hugged him. He stopped her from retreating back to Jake.

     His doctor side kicked in, and I saw his hands dive in past the blanket. Edward gasp behind me.

Seth? Leah’s mind appeared. I saw he had just left the house. What’s going on?

Nessie needed to see Carlisle.

Need me?

     Not that I can tell, I answered. Edward is staying by the house… but keep an eye out through me, just in case I miss something. I felt her agreement. Leah did not like vampires, but Renesmee was Jacob’s mate- which made her apart of our pack. A part of our family.

And we protect our family she murmured, sitting down in the trees, her muscles tense.

     “This is happening fast,” Carlisle muttered, half to him self. In the back of my mind, I felt Leah double checking everything I saw. “We need to go inside-” He cut off when Nessie took a step back, curling her fingers with his. Her eyes, as Leah noticed, were squarely on her father. Bella sighed.

“He’ll be good,” she called. Nessie looked up at Jacob, her hand absently rubbing the unborn child. Edward’s gaze was locked onto Jacob. He touched Bella’s shoulder, then slowly walked towards us.

     I dashed forward, nosing my self between Carlisle and Nessie. The blond vamp sighed and, in an air movement, was gone.

Leah echoed my growl, lunching her self forward, heading for us.

“Jacob, Renesmee, I have something to say,” Edward said, stopping feet from me. “And for you, too, Seth.” I grunted.

     Leah was still growling as she dashed. I felt a splash of surprise as I noticed she was almost here.

“Daddy,” Nessie cautioned.

“Jacob Black, I am sorry for me unforgivable actions yesterday. And I know that there are no excuses for my reaction. I just wish there was some way I could show you how truly sorry I am.”     

     Leah burst into the yard at that moment, standing to the right of Jake. He held up his hand, making her sit.

If Jake thinks he’s going to stop me, he’s-

Hush! I hissed, for Edward was about to go on.

     “And Seth, I am deep sorry that it was you I hurt.” My hip picked that moment to remind of it’s dull pain. So much phasing after having it broken wasn’t a good thing.

“Seth, I-” I shook my head.

Stop apologizing to me, I thought. You’re actions have hurt Nessie deeply, and, even though she may not be saying so, I know Nessie wants your approval. I watched as my words sank in.

     He looked at his daughter, opened his mouth to speak.

Nessie didn’t allow him to say anything. Instead, she simply leapt from Jacob’s arms into her father’s.



--Chapter Three--

     Jake and I walked into the Cullen’s house, freezing the second we spotted Renesmee. She was sleeping on the couch. Her belly was bloated like a watermelon. Jacob dropped to his knees next to her, gently running his hand along her stretched skin. Her eyes blinked open.


“Sorry I woke you, Baby.” Nessie pushed her way off the couch, forced Jake against the couch, and leaned back on him.

“It’s okay, I feel better laying like this, anyways.”

     I smiled. They were the perfect couple.

“I agree,” Edward said, walking from the kitchen to towards the stairs. I grinned hugely. Now even Edward was agreeing with me. I herd an airy chuckle from upstairs.

“Seth,” Nessie muttered, her voice thick with sleep, “have you gone home yet?” I shook my head.

“You should head home, get some… sleep…” I laughed as she her self fell asleep.

     “She is right,” Jake agreed.

I nodded.

“Alright. Call if you need me.” He nodded, not really paying attention to me. He was now running his fingers through her hair. I turned around and headed outside. My shorts tore as I phased.

     Awe, crap.

Hey, watch your mouth, young man, Leah muttered. I hadn’t quite realized she was here. Leah huffed, then paused. Sue will be happy to see you. She has honestly missed you. I nodded.

     Of course she has. Leah barked a laugh as she felt my smugness. She did not need to lie to me. Sue had Charlie. She didn’t miss us as much as Leah made it sound. She was never truly been lonely.

     Leah chuckled.

That’s true. But she should be happy to see you none the less. Leah’s thoughts droned over how much Sue probably wished she was like Seth… that maybe Leah just needed to get a life.

     But, sis, you have a life, I muttered. She paused mid step. Seth, what are you talking about? I let my thoughts drift over she old thoughts. Oh.

This is our life.

     Her thoughts slipped again, and she thought of Jacob. He had a new family. And to prove her point, she pulled up his face; which was drenched in love as he gazed at Nessie. He was slowly growing away from us. Neither Leah nor I could remember the last time he had phased.

     Jake would never.

Seth, he has a new life. I think we should talk to him about stepping down and being with his family, she thought. My own thoughts jumbled. Jacob was our Alpha. The true Alpha. It was wrong, very wrong to take that from him. Once Renesmee had the child, and everything cooled off, he would return.

     I knew that.

Nothing is set in stone, kid. I found my self snarling.

Shut up, Leah! I phased human and snuck into my room. Sue was reading a news paper in the kitchen.

     “I thought I had herd you,” she mumbled. I nodded.

“Hello, Mother. Sorry it’s been so long.” She waved her hand.

“I trust Jake to keep you safe.” If I still had fur, I would have bristled.

     “I can take care of my self.”

“I bet you can, sweetheart, but still. I just cannot help but worry about you,” she said. I sighed and scrubbed a hand across my face.

“I’m 17, you can relax.” Sue surprised me by almost tossing down the new paper.

     “Now you sound like your sister!”

“What do you mean by that?” I demanded.

“She’s always talking about how she is going out to run the ‘boarder’,” Sue used her fingers to emphasis the word, “and she never really tells me anything these days! It’s not like I need to be kept in the dark!”

     Both my eye brows slowly rose.

“You are my children! I-”

“Enough, Mom!” I hissed, raising my voice at her. Her eyes grew. I had always been nice to my mother. This was the first time I had been mean.

“I need a nap.”




     I opened my eyes and sat forward. This bed is getting almost to small for me. That’s when Leah appeared and leaned on my door frame.

“Sue’s pissed.” I shrugged. “I walked in and all she said was, ‘Your brother has become just like you.’ What did you do, Seth?”

     “Doesn’t matter.” I stood and stretched. “Besides, I think it’s time I left this house. I mean, I love Mom and all that, but this house is no place for two werewolves and a human.” Leah frowned at me. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Then make me understand.”

     “Leah, I’m just tired of everyone seeing me as a kid!” I snapped. “I’m not! I’ve been a werewolf since I was 15.”

“Two or three years isn’t enough to call your self an adult.” My anger kept building.

“Oh yeah? Tell that Renesmee!”

She sighed, and I knew my point was valid.

     Nessie was honestly only about four, almost five years old; yet she was about to bare Jake’s child. She did not look anything like a child. Everyone saw her as an adult.

“I’m here to let you know Jake wants to see you. It seems Renesmee is close to giving birth.”

“Jake knows I would there for him… but I need some space.” I turned to my opened window and leapt out it.

     “He’s in wolf form,” Leah called. “You can explain it to him.” And truthful to her word, Jacob’s mind was waiting for me.

Seth, I- He stopped, catching my thoughts. They were jumbled and even I was having a hard time understanding them. I understand Seth. I had to do the same thing. Go. I took off, heading away from La Push.

     My thoughts swept back to when Jake did the same thing, how it hurt everyone.

Please give everyone my good-byes. And… Tell Nessie how sorry I am.

She’ll understand. I tried to close off my mind as much as possible and gave into the run.


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