The Twilight Saga

preface-Im new,why am i sucked into this,why do you choose me?!But i love you and i dont want it any other way.

chapter 1-hello la push!

 I get here and get out my brothers truck. I moved here with my older brother,whos 19. Our parents died when i was 9 and he was 13. Im 15 now and we moved here to la push,washington. Why here? I dont know. I just have to pretend to like it,to make it easier on my brother,andy. Our ancestors are form here,so he decided to move us back to our roots. I put my stuff in my room and decided to go exploring. Andy made me carry my knife,he was so worried,all the time. No need to be though! I went to the beach. I walked barefoot through the sand. It felt so nice. I smiled and soaked in the little sun,i heard there was very little of it here. I smiled and for some reaosn i was puled to the woods. I put my shoes on and went in. I wondered deeper and deeper. It was so...beautiful! I smiled and looked aorund. I caught scent of something..horrible. I turned and saw a fare skinned person. His hair was rugged but perfect. He was smiling at me with eyes. I tensed and said,"hello." He smiled and said,"hello." "Do you live around here,"i asked him. "Nope,"he smiled. I tensed and reahed for my knife. He was in fornt of me in a second. I wa shocked. I backed up,right into a tree. "Well,what do you want,"i asked,defensivly. "You,"he smiled and bared his teeth. I flashed my knife at him and he chuckled. I swung it at him,it didnt even break his skin. I gasped and started running. He tackle me,flipping me onto his back. I screamed,so lod it scared even me. I heard growls and saw flying furs over me. The guy was pulled off of me by..wolves. i turned and stated running. i was caught by warm arms. One hand over my mouth,the other holding me by my waist. I struggle and reach back for my knife. I get it but its taken away by someone else. Tears leak form my eyes and i dont know what to do. A big,tan,muscualr guy steps in front of me. Hes kind of cute. "Hey,were here to help,please,dont scream,"he says and i nod. Youre not supposed to argue with captors,or else they might kill you. Im lead thorugh the woods,to a house just at the tip. Im lead inside and sat on a couch. I look around,scared to death. I couldnt stop the tears that fell from my eyes. "Shes just a kid,"i hear a femle say. "She saw,"says a husky voice. "Well you didnt have to take her like this,"says the female. "There was no other way,"says the husky voice. i flinch and pull my knees to my chest. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I jump up and go to the wall,defensivly. I see three young boys but yet there older. They look at me and say,"please,dont scream." I put my hand over my mouth and gasp. They are all sooo...cute. Especially one. "Hey,man,shes cute,"says one to the other. The other nods and i wip my tears. Bigger guys walk in and i crouch more into the wall. A girl walks in and says,"hey,swetie,im emily,and listen,no ones going to hurt you,we just have to explain somethin g to you,"she says,sounding as sweet as possible. I nod and stay away form the guys as the oldest starts talking,"what you saw in the woods today,it was a secret,that your now in on." I say,"but i dont want to be in on any secrets,i dont even really know what this place is,am i even awke,"i snap at him. One guy says,"watch your tone." "Youre not my father,"i say to him. He growls...yea growls. I cringe and lcose my eyes. "Paul,stop it man,"says  younger guy. "Well,your in on it,"starts again the older one,"we are wearwolves,we are not evil,we are here to protect you epople form evil." I look at him,surprised. "Evil,"i say and kind of laugh. "That guy in the woods,he was a vampire,"says the older guy. "Vampires dont exsist,"i say. "Trust me,we wish they didnt,"says a big husky,cute guy. I look around the room,all these guys were muscley and cute. "So whyd you kindap me,"i asked. "We cant have you tell anyone about this,"says the oldest. "You were going to tell someone,thast why you were running,"paul says. I look at him and say,"who would i tell?" "Your parents,"paul says,annoyed. "Maybe,if i had any,"i yell at him. He looks kind of sorry. "Your brother,"he starts back your tyrant. "Hed never believe me,"i laugh,"i barely believe myslef." They all look at me confused. I see an opening for the door. I staighten u and run. By the time i reach the door im grabbed by like four guys. "Ugh,"i groan,"let me go!" "We cant,until we know ou can keep a secret,"the oldest,sam says. "Ive been keping secrets all ym life,whats one more,"i say. "Well,just to make sure,"sam says and someone slips a bag over my head. I kick and scream and hear someone say,"dont hurt her!" Im carried for awhile and the bags taken off my head. I see no one but im back on the beach. Its dark so i run home.





how is it so far????I need your feedback!!!

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chapter 2-what is this place?

 I get home,my heart is rcing and my heads hurting. I walk in and my brother asks,"hows the town?" "Its beautiful,"i say,"especially the beach." "Im glad you like it,"my brother smiles. I smile back and go take a shower. I go back to my room and sit on my window seel. I start to cry,thinking about how that...vampire almost killed me and how i was kinapped by the wearwolves. I heard a whimper and fell out my windown. i was caught by warm arms. "Let go of me,"i growl,remembering the arms that kindapped me. He set me down and it was one fo the younger ones. "What,no thank you,"he says then sees me crying. "Why should i thank you,youre a part of them,so that means you kindapped me too,"i sob. He steps towards me and i dont  move away. "Im seth,"he says,"and we werent trying to hurt you,we just cant risk having our secret out." "I understood,so there was no reson to put a bag over my head and drive me away. The tears came flooding from my eyes. I could tell seth didnt know what else to do. He pulled me close and whispered,"i wouldntve let them hurt you anyway." I smile and let him hold me. "Im alexa vega,"i say,"im new here." "I know,because i wol=uld remember seeing your pretty face,"seth says. I smile in his warm embrace. "Wait,why are you being nice to me,"i ask,"that other guy was a total jerk." "Thats paul,"seth says,"he didnt mean anything by it,thats just how he is." "Well then,"i say and seths says,"listen to me,alexa, i have to tell you something." "More secrets,"i sigh but listen. "I imprinted on you,"seth said. "Imprinted,"I ask him questioningly. He smiles and says,"its this thing wearwolves do,its like first sight,but stronger,it means me and you,alexa,were meant to be." I smile and ask,"so you imprinted" He smiles and says,"yes,alexa,you." I blush and say,"well i dont object." Seth smiles and hugs me. I can hardly breathe,but i dont pull away. His embrace is so...warm,careing,fun. I think i feel this imprinting thing,i think i might love him. I smile at him and he says,"wow your pretty!" I blush and theres a howl,"i have to go,"he turns to me. "Dont leave,"i clutch onto him. "I have to,ill be back later,leave your window cracked,"seth says and helps me climb back into my window. I kiss his cheek before he leaves. I smile at him as he runs into the woods in the short distance. I leave my window cracked and i crawl into bed. I dont go to sleep,i cant wait for him to get back. Whats going on?? I never thought this could happen,especially to me! But i like it,no,i love it.

awesome i love it keep writing please!
kool ill post more later

chapter 3-Im waiting!

 Im laying in bed waiting for him. I dont know why i felt so attached,but there was this conncection i couldnt resist. I smiled a si thought of him. I heard a slight creak at my window and sat up and saw him. "You didnt sleep,"he asked me,slightly worried. "No,i did,"i said to wipe the worry away from his precious face. He stands next to me and i pull him down. "Its okay,"i tell him,i can see hes tense. He relaxes a little and i lay more comfortably,in his arms. I barely knew him,but yet i felt like i knew everything about him. I smiled and he said,"i told the guys about our little meeting." "Whatd they say,"i asked. "Some things id rather not say,"seth said,slighlty angry. "They hate me,"i sighed. "Oh,no,quite the opposite,"seth said and i realized they said things good about me. These remarks probably were sexual related,which probably made seth mad. "Oh,well im not interested in them,"i siad with a smile. He smiled and said,"thats good!" He looked tired,so i snuggled into him and slowl drifted to sleep,in his warm arms. I smiled and slept peacefully. In the morning,i woke up to seth staring at me. "What,"i ask,looking down to make sure i was dressed. I was. "Nothing,youre just so...beautiful,"seth said. I siled and then my brothers voice called,"rise and shine,lexa,time to get you registered for school." "Oh,crap,i forgot about school,you going to the rez school,"seth asked. "Ya,you go,ill meet up with you later,"i said and he turned to leave. He turned abck to me and kissed my lips,lightly and gently. He left out the windown,i smiled and hurried to get dressed. I wore tight miss me jeans,and a blue tight v-neck,with my hair perfectly curled,and my make up done cute. I wore black uggs to finish off my outfit. I ran downstairs with my bag. My brother drove me down to the school,a lot more kids than i expected were there. I got out and walked ot the office with my brother,i saw people stare at me. Guys in a "hey baby," way and girls in a "oh great..not" way. We went in and my brother registered me quickle. I got assigned my locker and class schedule. My brother kissed the top of y head and he left. I went to find my locker,to put the millions of books i held up. I found it number 201. I did my combo and it opened. Some guy walked up to me and said,"hey..youre new right." "Yea,"i say with a friendly smile. "Im alejandro,you can call me alex,"he said and kissed my head. "i have a boyfriend,alex,"i said. "Who,"he asked. "Seth clearwater,"i said,hoping seth wouildnt mind me saying he was my boyfriend. "What,"alex said,"seth never dates from our shool." "Im not from your school,"i said,patted his shoulder and walked,trying to find my first class.

I love yoir story I hope you post more and please keep me updated ;) ;) ;)

sure thing im updating now

chapter 4-So were...

 I walked to class and seth was there. I smiled and he walked over to me. "So we`re... dating,"he smiled. I smiled and said,"i kind of spread that rumor because this guy was bothering me. Seth laughed and said,"well if we`re going to be the part,im gonna milk this,"seth smiled and put his arm around me. I smiled as girls and guys stared. I smiled and blushed. This,i liked! AFter class,i was wormed by girls with questions. Whats he like? Is he a good kisser? How much muscles under his shirt? I just smiled at all of those questions. After school,seth took me for a walk in the woods. He took me off trail. We wondered deeper and deeper in the forest. "Ill be right back,"seth smiled and wlake doff. "Seth,this isnt funny,"i said after a few minytes. All of the sudden,seth was at my side,looking angry. It kind of scared me! "Get behind me,"he ordered. I did as told and heard someone approaching. "AW,BUT OFCOURSE,THE YOUNG MUTT AND HIS PLAYMATE,said a melancholy voice. "Soon to be our toy,"said a feminine voice. I shivered and seth growled,"you better get out of here,your crossing lines." "Ha,aw,my little friend,who is going to stop us,"the guy voice said. He was interrupted by growls. Growls! I shivered and peeked over seth to see giant..wolves!!


(sorry for the shortness)

thanks posting now!!

chapter 5-scared!

 Alright,i was scared like deathly scared. What the heck is going on? Seth saw me shaking out of frgiht. "Its okay,lexa,really,"he told me. "But its...wolfs,"i said. "They wont hurt you,"seth said. "I dont like this,seth,"i said. The look on his face was agonized. Then,i was tackled by the female vampire. Her teeth were bared. I screamed and struggled. It took seth a second to react,but the male vampire pulled him away. I saw a giant wolf tackle the girl off me. But not beofre the girls teeth could enter the skin on my neck. And when the wolf tackled him off,it took a chunk of my neck out with the vampire. I screamed bloody murder. I saw the vampires eyes go pitch black. I held my neck,but the blood was coming out in floods. I started feeling weak. The last thing i remember was being carried away in burning hot arms. I woke up in a strange white house. I was on a hospital gurney. "Seth,seth,"i said frantically. He ran in and was at my side. His side was wrapped in gauze. My neck was urning and i felt it. A huge gauze wraped around my neck. "S-s-seth,"i said,scared. "Its okay,youre okay now,"seth told me,hugging me carfully. I let tears fall form my eyes. An amazingly handsome man walked i. I d seen him before,he was the main doctor form the hospital. "Hello,alexa,im dr.cullen,"he said. I looked at him and said,"what happened?"


(another short one..sorry)

chapter 6-????

 Im confused,like so confused. Seths at my side as the doctor tells me the sriousness of my wounds. He tells me i was bite my a vampire. My mouth opens in shock. "Dont worry,we got the venom out in time,"dr,cullen says. I sigh in relief and pull seth closer to me. He kisses the top of my head. "Well,just got the resuslts of you test,and your free to go,try not to run into anymore of my kind,"dr.cullen says. "What,"i growl. The doctor chuckles and seth helps me out of the room. We walk through the woods back to my ouse. My parents are gone for a week and my older brother is with them. Seth and i sit in the livingroom,on my large couch. He hods me close,playing with me fingers. I smile at the warm touv h of him. Did i metnion hes not wearing a shirt???? Well,hes not. I like it! I smile and he says,"alexa,when that vampire got to you,i feel like i let you down." There was such seriousness to his voice. "Seth,no,you held your part,"i said to him. "Im supposed to protect you,"seth argued. I sighed and kissed him. "Then,protect me now,"i whispered in his ear. He kissed me. It was sweet and inccocent,but soon turned hot and passioante. I didnt mind. He was amazing! His lips roamed to the edge of my neck,kissing me sweetly. I smiled and whispered,"i love you,seth." "i love you,alexa,"seth whispered back. He met my lips again and his hands went to my hips. They slipped under my shirt and it was off. Our skin meshed and i could feel the urgency of his needs growing. I dont know if im ready for that,but if it cmes to it,well see. Seths hands roam across my stomach. I smile and chills shoot down my spine. I smile and our positions flip. Im on him,kissing his neck,sweetly. His breathe is heavy and i smile at that. He moves his hands to the button on my shorts and their off. Okay,this was okay. I smile and he stares at my body for a secong,well more like marvels. I blush and he kisses me again. Our love seems tog row with every kiss. Love is something everyone can say,ive said it before. But what i feel with seth,its real. My heart belongs to him,whenever hes nto with me,neither is my heart. Its like the moment i saw him,he was forevr the keeper of my heart. The keeper of ym sole. I loved him,with every fiber of my being.

chapter 7-your my dream too!

 Seth and i were walking around the mall in port angeles with the rest of the pack. I was the only girl inn the group because sam,leah,and emily didnt come. We went into a teen club. It was kareoke night. Fun! i loved to sing. I went up and sung wine it up by kat deluna. I got so much cheers and applauses afterwards. I was going to buy a drink when a lady walked up to me. "Hi,"she said,"im alena gibbsons,and im with star records." I gasped,star records was where all the famous people started at. "I saw you up there,and that was like nothing ive ever seen,wll not since amanda perez,"alena said. Amanda perez,she was my favorite singer. I was still speechless. "I want to offer you a spot on our contract,were looking for a fresh new face,and i think its you,heres my card,call me and we`ll talk about it,"alena said,handed me her card and walked off. Seth walked up and said,"what was that about?" I showed him the card and said,"she wants me to sign a contract.with star records,"i said. Seth hugged me and said,"thats great." For the rest of the night we danced together. Laughing and smiling. It was...amazing!

 The next morning,i talked to my older brother,he knew what this meant to me. He told me we had to call and see what had to be done. i grabbed the card from my dresser top and called alena. "Alena gibbsons,"alena answered. "Alena,this is alexa,from last night at the club,"i said. "Oh,hello,ms,alexa,have you come to a decision,"alena asked. "Wel,my brother just wants to talk to you about details,"i said and handed the phone to my brother. They talked for about half an hour. Then,he hung up. "Well,lex,your going to l.a.,"my brother smiled. I hugged him,"when?" "Tomorrow,"he told me. My heart dropped....seth...the guys. What was i going to tell them? I loved seth. What would happen to us?


 I get my stuf together before i go to meet the guys. i pack four suitcases and a doufel b ag. I leave it in the livingroom and go to seths. I knock on the door,i couldnt help the saddness i had. Seth opened it and was smiling,when he saw the look on my face,his smile faded. "Wgats wrong,"seth asked. "Seth,i-i-im going to las angeles,"i studder. "What?when?for how long,"seth asks. "Im leaving tomorrow,for a while,i got a contract with star records,"i say. "What,"i hear a millipn voices say. Everyone rushes to the door. They pile out and seths face is agonzing. "Guys,please,this is my dream,and i love you guys,but i have to do this,"i said. Seth got mad and left stomping into the forest. I sigh and slump my shoulders. Sam comes to me and says,"youll be bac k sooner or later,have fun,lexa,"he hugs me,lifting me off the ground. All the guys,leah,and emily hug me. I cant help the tears that fall out of ym eyes. It gets late and seths still not back. I say by to everyone and go home. I go to my room and cover myself in my blanketts. I let the tears slip from my eyes. I cry myself to sleep

 The next morning,my brother puts my stuff in the car. He dirves me to tha air-port. Im wishing for seth to be there. He wont be though. I sigh and hug my brother good-byue,for 10 long minutes. I board my plane and look out the window. "Goodbye,"i whisper. I let my hand stroke the window. The plane leaves and its an hour flight to l.a.x.

one year later~

 Im on my tour bus,going to a show in seattle. So close to home,but i cant let my feelings differ wiht my carrer. We get to the arena where im performing. I get out and go to my dressing room. Four hours till show time

seths view-

 Im sittting here,watching the news with the guys. The lady on the screeen says,"in other news,the teen sensation who has been taking the country by storm is performing in seattle today." I perk up and listen as one of lexas song comes over the t.v. Everyone shuts up and listens. "Tickets are still on sale,get them fast,theyre selling like fire,"the news lady says and aa number flashes across the screen. pictures of elxi cover the screen. She looks as beautiful as ever. "Hi,id like to order 12 tickets for alexa vegas concert,"i hear emily on the phone. i smile and she says,"ill be there in 30 minutes to pick them up." She hangs up and says,"get ready,were going to see lexa." I jump up and run to my room,finding my best clothes to wear. I think everyone did the same. Without lexa here,its been dull and gloomy. Weve all grown to love her. I wear my best jeans and sag them slightly with my white v-neck,and i spike my hair. Its time to go and we pile into three trucks.



(continue will be posted later)


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