The Twilight Saga

preface-Im new,why am i sucked into this,why do you choose me?!But i love you and i dont want it any other way.

chapter 1-hello la push!

 I get here and get out my brothers truck. I moved here with my older brother,whos 19. Our parents died when i was 9 and he was 13. Im 15 now and we moved here to la push,washington. Why here? I dont know. I just have to pretend to like it,to make it easier on my brother,andy. Our ancestors are form here,so he decided to move us back to our roots. I put my stuff in my room and decided to go exploring. Andy made me carry my knife,he was so worried,all the time. No need to be though! I went to the beach. I walked barefoot through the sand. It felt so nice. I smiled and soaked in the little sun,i heard there was very little of it here. I smiled and for some reaosn i was puled to the woods. I put my shoes on and went in. I wondered deeper and deeper. It was so...beautiful! I smiled and looked aorund. I caught scent of something..horrible. I turned and saw a fare skinned person. His hair was rugged but perfect. He was smiling at me with eyes. I tensed and said,"hello." He smiled and said,"hello." "Do you live around here,"i asked him. "Nope,"he smiled. I tensed and reahed for my knife. He was in fornt of me in a second. I wa shocked. I backed up,right into a tree. "Well,what do you want,"i asked,defensivly. "You,"he smiled and bared his teeth. I flashed my knife at him and he chuckled. I swung it at him,it didnt even break his skin. I gasped and started running. He tackle me,flipping me onto his back. I screamed,so lod it scared even me. I heard growls and saw flying furs over me. The guy was pulled off of me by..wolves. i turned and stated running. i was caught by warm arms. One hand over my mouth,the other holding me by my waist. I struggle and reach back for my knife. I get it but its taken away by someone else. Tears leak form my eyes and i dont know what to do. A big,tan,muscualr guy steps in front of me. Hes kind of cute. "Hey,were here to help,please,dont scream,"he says and i nod. Youre not supposed to argue with captors,or else they might kill you. Im lead thorugh the woods,to a house just at the tip. Im lead inside and sat on a couch. I look around,scared to death. I couldnt stop the tears that fell from my eyes. "Shes just a kid,"i hear a femle say. "She saw,"says a husky voice. "Well you didnt have to take her like this,"says the female. "There was no other way,"says the husky voice. i flinch and pull my knees to my chest. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I jump up and go to the wall,defensivly. I see three young boys but yet there older. They look at me and say,"please,dont scream." I put my hand over my mouth and gasp. They are all sooo...cute. Especially one. "Hey,man,shes cute,"says one to the other. The other nods and i wip my tears. Bigger guys walk in and i crouch more into the wall. A girl walks in and says,"hey,swetie,im emily,and listen,no ones going to hurt you,we just have to explain somethin g to you,"she says,sounding as sweet as possible. I nod and stay away form the guys as the oldest starts talking,"what you saw in the woods today,it was a secret,that your now in on." I say,"but i dont want to be in on any secrets,i dont even really know what this place is,am i even awke,"i snap at him. One guy says,"watch your tone." "Youre not my father,"i say to him. He growls...yea growls. I cringe and lcose my eyes. "Paul,stop it man,"says  younger guy. "Well,your in on it,"starts again the older one,"we are wearwolves,we are not evil,we are here to protect you epople form evil." I look at him,surprised. "Evil,"i say and kind of laugh. "That guy in the woods,he was a vampire,"says the older guy. "Vampires dont exsist,"i say. "Trust me,we wish they didnt,"says a big husky,cute guy. I look around the room,all these guys were muscley and cute. "So whyd you kindap me,"i asked. "We cant have you tell anyone about this,"says the oldest. "You were going to tell someone,thast why you were running,"paul says. I look at him and say,"who would i tell?" "Your parents,"paul says,annoyed. "Maybe,if i had any,"i yell at him. He looks kind of sorry. "Your brother,"he starts back your tyrant. "Hed never believe me,"i laugh,"i barely believe myslef." They all look at me confused. I see an opening for the door. I staighten u and run. By the time i reach the door im grabbed by like four guys. "Ugh,"i groan,"let me go!" "We cant,until we know ou can keep a secret,"the oldest,sam says. "Ive been keping secrets all ym life,whats one more,"i say. "Well,just to make sure,"sam says and someone slips a bag over my head. I kick and scream and hear someone say,"dont hurt her!" Im carried for awhile and the bags taken off my head. I see no one but im back on the beach. Its dark so i run home.





how is it so far????I need your feedback!!!

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alexas view-

 Im so excited,i wonder how many familiar faces ill see. I get changed into my stage outfit. Its a mini black leather skirt and black leather tight tank top,that laces up in the back. I wear black hig tops,and my hairs perfectly straight. My make-ups done and im looking in the mirror. I have to keep promising myself that fame wont change me. Its so hard though,when i dont have the people i love aorund me. Im hanging back stage with my new besties selena gomez and jake t. austin. David archuleta,chris brown,and lil wayne are here too. Slim shadys bringing his daughter haylie and sister layney. Selena tells me to stay calm,and everyhtings gonna be okay. i breathe in and out,nervously. I peek out and see people already coming in an its two hours til i go on. I see a familiar group of faces. I run to my manager and ask if i can go out. She says for 15 minutes and i have to take security. I take the two best guys and we go into the crowd. Theres only about 50 people here. I go tot he familiar group of people. I breathe,slowly,calming myself

seths view~

 The guys tell me to turn around and i see lexa walking towards us,with two security gaurds trailing her,keeping screaming fans off her. She,all bound in leather. She gets to us and throws her arms aorund me. i see tons and tons of flashes. "I missed you so much,seth,"lexa says. I smile and hold her close. Then,lexa,goes down the line hugging everyone. I see some of the guys checking her out. She changed some in the year shes been away. Shes about three inches taller and even better body than before. She smiles at me,revealing perfectly white teeth. She comes back to me and kisses my cheek. "I really really missed you,"she told me. I saw fans screaming for her autograph and picures. "How do you stand this,"i ask her. "Its all apart of the dream,"she smiles,"everything cant be perfect." I smile and hug her,pullig her to me. A lady walks up and says,"ms,vega,alena wants you backstage,their about to let in the crowd." Lexa smiles and hurriedly gives us huggs. "Stay after the concert,for the signing,ill talk to you all then,"she sais and skipped off. I couldnt help but check her out.

alexas view~

 All my nerves are gone when i go backstage again. "Who are they,"selena asks me. I smile and say,"those are my guys." "And the one who you were all huggy on,"jake t. asks. "Thats my boyfriend,"i smile. "Bofriend,"everyone scoffs. "Yea,just because i left didnt mean we broke it off,"i said. The time flew by and i peeked out. 10 minutes till showtime. The crowd was filled,that means over 15,000 seats. I breathed i and got on my mark. Two bands were performing before me as my opening acts. The first was sons of silvia and the second was neon trees. I smiled when it was finally me. Lil wayne told me to pick the world u. I laughed andgot in position. The curtains lifted the music started and i danced my way to the edge of the stage. My song started and i sung. Seth and everyone were right in the fornt. I smiled and did my little reach out to the crowd thing. I saw the sparkle in seths eye as he looked at me. I could tell the paparazzi were eating all this romance up. Id be on the coverof every magazine all over.


seths view~

 Wow,alexa looked wow! I smiled as sh reached out to me in the crowd. I let my fingers intertwine with hers for a second. She smiled then et go. I watched her and collin  said in my ear,"dang,man,she looks...dang." "I know,'i smiled and watched alexa. It was an instrumental and alexa and her background dancers stepped up. They danced ad i couldnt help but stare at her hips as they move to the music. AFter alexa played 12 of her songs. it was over but she talked.

alexas view~

 I was out of breathe but i said,"i want to thank everyone who came out here tonight. It really mant alot,me and the band have dreamed of this moment for forever!" Everyone in the crowd cheered. "And i want to thank some special people in the crowd,seth,guyus come on up,"i said and pointed them out. The security guys lead them up to the stage. is miled and introduced them by their first names. When i got to seth i smiled and didnt hesitate as i said,"this is my...boyfriend." Everyone cheered at that. i smiled and paparazzi cameras went crazy. i smiled and looked into seths eyes. i lower the mic and seths said,"ive missed you,lex,alot." "You have no idea,"i smiled and he kissed me. more camera flashes,this time form thousands of people. i smiled and said,"goodnight,seattle,i love you all."
 I took everyone backstage. I INTRODUCED THEM TO EVERYONE. The guys tripped when i introduced them to chirs brown and lil wayne. I couldve sworn though that brady was cruchin on selena. I smiled and i had to go for the signing. Seth stayed with me as everyone else socialized backstage. i smiled and one by one i signed fans pictures of me. It was an amaing feeling. A few guys wanted a picture with me. i got up and stood in the middle of them. They all put their hands on my lower back. i rolled my eyes and smiled. Seth was tense,but this was apart of my career. He understood,i think. A reporter came up and asked,"ao,alexa,this is seth your boyfriend,is that correct?" "Yes,"iu smiled and seth put his arm aroun d me. "How long have you two been together,"th reporter asked. "Alittle over one and a half years,"seth answered. I smiled an kissed his cheek.

chapter 8-My love,i dont want to be gone.

 The reporter left and seth sat in a chair while i took pictures with fans and autographed pictures,notebooks,and shirts,some abbs too. I smiled as taylor lautner came up. I hugged him. "Taylor,"i smiled. "Hey,lexa,great show,"taylor smiled. He had two bodyguards with him. "Thanks,"i smiled. "So wheres your boyfriends,because i have to make sure hes good enough for you,"taylor smiled. Seth walked up and i said,"taylor,seth,seth,taylor." They shook hands and i let them talk,while i finished my signing. After we all went to my tour bus. The guys loved it. I smiled at how adorable they all were.


(sorry for the shortness im i a hurry)



 Its almsot time for lexi to leave. So i atke my chance and pull her into the room on the tour bus. "Lexi,i love you,"i told her. Her eyes widened and she jumped into my arms,"i love you too,seth,"she smiled. "You have no idea how hard its been without you,"i told her. She looked into my eyes and said,"i do,seth,i do." I kissed her,fierousiously and passioantly. I pulled her hips to mine. I kissed her full on. Her hand stangled in my hair. I smiled under our lips. To have her in my arms again was a feeling i cant explain. No words could describe it. I smiled again and she moved her leg up around me. It was so smoothe. I let my hands go to her lower back


alexas view~

 Seth is amazing,and to kiss him and be here with him,its a dream come true! I smiled under our lips,melting against him. His hands held onto my hips,tightly. "i love you,alexa,"he mumbled. "I love you,seth,"i smiled,mumbling. There was a knock on the door and i said,"go away!" It opened and jake said,"oh,crap,sorry!" I jumped away form seth and seth sighed. "Sorry,"jake said,again. "Dude,"seth sighed. I giggled and seths hand was still on my lower back. Jake smiled and said,"ill leave you two to...this." He walked out and i kissed seth again. His eyes  were amazing and brown. I smiled and listened to his steady heart beat. It was amazing and steadiful. I smiled,i couldnt stop smiling. My manager knocked on the door and said,"vistors time is over." "No,"i demanded. "Come on,alexa,"my manager said. "Give me more time,"i said,seth kissing my cheek


alexas view-

I kissed seth over and over.

My manager was giving us two more hours.

I smiled to myself

Seth and i finally stopped kissing and we sat on my bed.

"So this is where you live,"seth asked,unnaprovinglky

"When im on the road,but i have hotel rooms too,"i said,trying to sway him

"I think youd be better at home with me,"seth mumbled

"I know,seth,and i want to be,but this is my dream,"i said

"I guess my dream doesnt count,"seth said

I looked at him confused

"Alexa,were meant to be and i want to marry you and start a family and have a whole bunch of little us`s running around,"seth sighed

I smiled and blushed

"But that cant happen when youre never with me,"seth said

"Seth,i love you,since the first time we met,but you know how much this means to me,"i said,tears welling in my eyes

Seth sighed and put his arm around me

"Thats the worst part,i let you go,without a fight,"he sioghed

I leaned into him with a sigh

"Couldnt you take a break,"seth asked

"But what about my tour,"i asked

Nice wright more
so awesome


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