The Twilight Saga

     This will be a Seth imprint story (: & it is a little angsty in this chapter,but it'll get better (: && Seth and Leah have a strong brother-sister relationship in my story. This is how I think they should be ... I'm not going to jump right into things either,i'm going to take things a little slowly. I'm not going to do a full Summary,so here goes :



                    You're the northern wind,sending shivers down my spine

.                   You're like the fallen leaves,in an autumn night.

                    You're the lullaby , that's singing me to sleep.

                    You are the other half,you're the missing piece.



Chapter One : Just Before The Rain.


   My heart pounded deeply in my chest,a loud drumming. Loud,and beating rapidly. Heat had overcome my body,my hands started to shake,my small frame quaking. I took a heavy breath,I stared straight at the hospital bed, as the doctors were moving at a hurried pace around my father . But to me,it looked as if everything was playing before me in slow motion. Their hands pressing down to his chest firmly,a mask on his face, his eyes closed, but yet so peaceful. I tilt my head to the side, my fists slowly un cleanching, as I took in his facial expression. The last time I saw him this peaceful,this content ,was when my sister and I were younger,and happy. When all of us were happy. Maybe my dad is reliving the moment,and doesn't want to wake from the memory. His head slowly lolled to the side,his lips parted,and my sister rushed to his side,her face stained with tears-screaming and screaming,begging for him to come back.

   His eyes open,but only half way-and he breathed out. I watch him carefully,as he mouthed,what I knew would be his last words. I Love You. Which only made my sister break into bigger hysterics,and also sent another wave tremmors,and my mom lurched forward at Leah,as my sister tried desperately to shake him back to life. The doctors,hung their head in despair,as they watched us fall to pieces. Why couldn't they keep trying? I ground my teeth together,never feeling so much anger,and hurt in my life. I know that my dad is in a better place,I know that. But why do they just stand there and watch our pain!? Is it amusing to them? Is it some kind of show to them? My eyes started to sting,as the tears built up,spring forward-down my cheeks, and I coughed wiping my face with the back of my hand.

   The heat growing intensly,my breathing becoming more shallow. Watching my sister lash out on my mom,as she tried desperately to calm Leah. Nothing could calm her,anymore. Everything she ever had is gone now. Love,life,and now the one other person that would keep her sane. She has people to talk to,people that offer to talk to her,but she doesn't want it. Nobody will ever understand my sisters pain,except for me. My sister and I have that kind of connection,I can feel when she's upset,I know when she's mad. I know when she's so upset sometimes,that her fatigue drags into it. I'm the only one my sister really trusts,and now,everything is going to be so much harder. I've never felt so ,emotional. And I've never seen my mom like this,ever.

   My mom is usually the happy type,the one that always tries to flip around a bad situation,to a quite happy scenrio. I guess that's where I inherited my positivity.

   I didn't realize my hand were cleanched into fists again,until I felt my nails digging into my palm. I closed my eyes tightly,trying to control my breathing,and opened them to see my sister push out of my moms arms,her face beat red in anger,tears still streaming down her face,and before she got to the door-she held both sides,her knuckles turning white,and hung her head,her breath shallow. She picked herself up,punched the door frame,and screamed before she marched out of the door.

   I looked at my mom,who sat on the floor,with her head in her hands. I wanted to re-assure her,I wanted to tell her everything was going to be okay. I wanted to think of every single thing that was happy to tell her,but I couldn't speak at all myself. I turn back around,and run find the strength to run out of the door,and after Leah. I pushed through the crowd of people trying to stop me,I noticed Sam,Embry,and Jared their faces pained,while they tried to hold me back. I looked at the with despair,punching them,pushing at them. And something I never would've guessed I'd do,I groweled.


   That stopped them,and I felt another one rumble from my chest.

   "I need , to find,Leah." I said through gritted teeth.

   Sam sighed,"That's not a good idea Seth. She isn't in a good state right now."

   "And you think I'm not!?" I growled,"That's my dad too. She is my sister. She needs me. Don't you think she's been through enough pain?" I spat,pushing past him,and running out the hospital doors.


   I whipped my head around,trying to think of where she'd go,I was running aimlessly,the heat building and building,and once I hit the forest I felt as if I had been thrown into a fire pit. I started running faster,as I started to hear faint cries. My arms started to ache from how fast I was pumping them,the wind slapping at my skin,causing it to burn with pain. I started to shout her name,as the cries grew louder,and louder,causing more different pain.

   I came to a sudden hault,as I saw her,curled up into a ball against a tree,her arms around her legs,and her head on the ground. She was shaking tremendously. I run over to her,the sight of seeing her like this only made me boil,I mean boil , I felt like I had a very disastrous fever. I bent down,and touched her hair,whispering her name.

   Her head shot up,and she immediately shut her mouth,trying to stop her verbal cries,and only let the tears fall down.


   "Y-you , sh-should be w-with,mu-mu-mom." she said,shakily,stuttering through her words,then her hand flew up to her forehead,and she let out another cry,"Seth,I don't know what's happening!" she groaned,"I- I can't!"she screamed,punching her fist to the ground,causing dust to fly into the air.

   I shook my head,"Lee-Lee ,take deep ... Breaths." I was having trouble thinking,my head started banging.

   "THEY WOULDN"T LET ME GO SETH! They tried to stop me! They tried to calm me down!" She growled,"But,they don't understand!" she screamed,her hands pulling at her hair. I pulled her hands away,and she thrashed at me."Stop it Seth!" I held her hands down to the ground,and let her kick at me.

   "Lee-Lee,you need to stop!" I shouted at her,so she could hear me over her own screams.

   "NO!" she shouts back,"NO SETH,NO! I will NOT stop!" Another growel ripped through her chest,her whole body shaking,her teeth bared,and her eyes turned pitch black. My hands let hers go,and I stepped back."Seth,you can't just do this! You can't try and ALWAYS calm me down! You're not my DAD!" she screamed at me,and at that we both burst.



   The next couple days were a haze. It was confusing,and unbelieve-able. My mind was  completely livid,I couldn't believe my own eyes. We were all seated on old tree logs,around a fire. Leah-expressionless,my mother, Billy, Quil and his grandfather,Jared,Sam,Embry,and Jake,who brought Bella. Iw as sitting on the ground in front of Bella,as she ran her hands through my hair,I keep my eyes closed,and just let the heat cover my face.


   "We are gathered here today,to welcome two new members to our,tribe." Billy announces,"And we'd like to share our histories with Seth and Leah Clearwater."


   I open my eyes,as Billy started to speak,occaisonally he'd stop as I would constantly question him. This whole thing,to be honest has gotten me siked,and sometimes,I feel that when I phases into a wolf,I can feel my dad there with me. Which numbs away the pain for the amount of time that I am a wolf. But it is kind of weird, I mean who would've thought that werewolves exist? And vampires. I mean like really!? It is cool though. To me,it took me a couple days to get used to though.

   Hearing these stories Billy was telling us,was getting me excited and jumpy. We fight vampires ! The only killer thing is that Sam is officially my boss,and I have to do what he says when he says it,so it isn't really a problem for me to keep things secret. But,for Jake with Bella,he was all but throwing up everyday ,because he couldn't tell her. And he always put up an arguement with Sam,because it was killing Jacob that things between him and Bella had to stop happening. I didn't like Sam very much though,I mean, first he broke my sisters heart. And secondly,he was trying to tear apart my bestfriend and his girl. Not cool.

   I felt my brows pull together,and I sat back up,leaning back into Bella. I felt her lips at my forehead,and I smile. Bella was also one of my new bestfriends,even though we just met an hour ago. She's a good person,I can tell through Jacob's thoughts. She's always trying to please other people,she cares more about her friends and family than herself. I think Bella is perfect for Jacob.



   Once we got back home,Leah headed straight to her room-slamming the door shut. My mom went into her room,closing her door lazily,and I head into my room,leaving the door open. I plop down on my bed,waiting.

   And then it started,the soft cries of both my mom and Leah. Everyone thinks my sister has not heart,but it's just because everyone treats her that way. And she tries to convince herself she's a hard-ass too,but deep down,she really is a good person.

   I heard the soft padding of footsteps on the floor,getting closer. Then saw Leah standing in the door frame,I sat up and motioned for her to come in. She ran over to my bed,and plopped down into my arms,crying. I just hold her,biting my lip.


   "You're such a good,b-brother,Seth..." she mumbles,in between sobs."I don't know what I'd do without you."


   That was the first time she's ever said something like that to me. I smile,and just nod.


   She sighs,closing her eyes for a moment,but I just tell her to let it all out. And she does exactly that. And I just lean back,listening to her and the soft patter of the gentle rain.


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Love it like really musch <33 I want more.

Thanks ! :] <3

& I might add on later tonight ... :))

ok can't wait.

SO sorry I haven't added on , iI will tomorrow though !

I kinda was hoping for a little more readers... But it's okay!

I'm also writing another story on the Team Jacob discussion,so I'm very busy with that one...

love it keep me updated!!

Chapter 2 ; Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream.


   Jake suggested we go and get ice cream. He said it always helped him sorta,cope. Ice cream? I mean,he would of thought that Ice Cream would be the best medicine. But,boy was this ice cream good. Chocolate fudge ice cream is my new favourite,for life. I'd swim in it. I'd eat off the ground! Actually,no I wouldn't, I'm not that gross.

   It's been at least three weeks since my dad has passed. And things are actually getting better. But,Leah is bitter as ever. I mean,she still talks to me. But when we go on patrol,she pretty much puts up a brick wall somehow-to guard her thoughts. It's kind of weird. I tried it once,but I ended up playing brick breaker in my mind.

   Being a wolf,has also got my mind off things. Though,everyone likes to piss of Leah,so when I tell them to shut their damned mouths,they turn and target me,and I become the little pup. Yeah,they call me a pup! I'm fifteen,not five. And thenwhen I complain they call me a girl,and make girly noises. Guys,I don't know if you noticed , but ; there's something between my legs that no girl has.


   "Whatcha thinkin' bout Sethy." Jacob asks,coming back to the picknic table with another ice cream cone. His fourth,to be exact. And these things tower. There's like four scoops piled on top of one another.

   I look up at him,and shrug."Nothing really." I squint my eyes,"Don't call me Sethy."

   He chuckles,"Why? I like Sethy. It suits your ... Uhm,pupiness?" He snorts,and shakes his head.

   I glare at him,chomping at my ice cream."I'm fifteen,for Christ's sakes,Jake!"

   He laughs,"So?"

   "Fine. Well,you're just a wussy for Bella." I shrug.


   He let's out a huff,"Whatever." He muttered.

   I smirk,"Exactly!"


  He smacks my arm,and I frown at him. It's not my fault he's all gooey for Bella. She's all he ever thinks about,dreams about, and talks about. Bella did this,oh maybe that's a sign! Bella did that,I think she digs me! I wish Bella would kiss me... I wish Bella would realize that she loves me. Ugh. He's the girl here. He's a love-sick dog. But,his dreams ... I wish he'd just stick a rating on it,so then I know when to tune the hell out! Jeez.


   "You like mad,bro. What you thinking about?" He asks,with a mouthful of ice cream.

   "Your R-rated dreams." I mutter,and shudder,trying to shake out the images.

    He laughs,"Making your own video in there?" He asks,tapping my head.

   I roll my eyes,"God no. Trying to get yours out of my head."

   He laughs,looking up-then nods his head towards something,"Check it out."


   I turn around,to look at whatever Jake wanted me to-and noticed someone. A girl. Well, there was a lot of them. But,one that stood out the most,causing my mouth to drop-but I shut it just as quickly. Hoping nobody noticed,but I heard Jacob chuckle,and he patted my back.

   She's tanned,nicely. Hair that curled down to her shoulders,in dark brown locks. Her eyes a deep green, with long thick eye lashes,and full pink glossed lips. And the body of a swim champ. Daaayuuum. With the extra : Yuuuuummm. I run my hand through my hair,my eye brows raised.


   "Kitty got your puppy-dog tongue?" I hear Jake ask,breaking through my reverie.

   I roll my eyes,"As if."

   "She totally got you,man." He says,shaking his head.

   "Uh-uh." I argue back,my voice barely audible.

   He chuckles,"Whatever you say. I'm gonna call her over."

   I narrow my eyes at him,"Hell no. You don't even know her name!"

   He tolls his eyes,"I know everbody's name. I've lived here for about seventeen years." He stood up,and pulled him back down.

   "Jake..." I warned him. He'd have a lot of crap to do,if he did this. I'd make him deal with Leah,do my laundry... My homework,boy,the list could go on!

   "I'll do whatever you want..." He mutter,pushing my hand away. He stands back up,and put my head in my hands,groaning."Hey! Xenia!" He calls.

   I look up from my arms,and saw her jump-and wave. She looked at all of her friends,and skipped over to us."Hey,Jacob. Long time no see?"


   Her voice : equals pure sex. Oh. My. Gosh. I sit up,and turn around-her gaze flickering to me.


   He pulled her into a small hug,"I know. It's been too long. How's your brother doing?"

   She sighs,"It's tough you know. Being a wolf and all - oh, wait. Uh,is your friend...?" She looks down at me,questioningly.

   I nod,standing uo-extending my hand,"Seth. Clearwater. Newest in the pack. Bestest." I look up,pursing my lips,"Smartest... The list goes on." I shrug,and she giggles,taking my hand.

   "I'm Xenia. Nice to meet you,oh mighty Seth the newest,bestest,and smartest wolf." She places her hands together,and bows.

   I chuckle,"You too. Nice,to... Meet you too."

   She smiles,then looks back at Jake."The Hoquiam tribe is having tough times,with these vampires." She shakes my head,"And,they think I'm next." She bites her lip,"That's why I've been staying in La Push for awhile... I don't want to be one."

   Jake nods slowly,and sighs."There's so much vampire activity here though..." He looks down,and I could instantly feel her despair.

   "None of us really wanted to become this. I mean,yeah,we're fast... We've got super-spidy strength..." I shrug,"But,the thing is. You have to look at it differently : we're protecting the people of our land." I start to whisper,"From those,evil ... Gross,blood-sucking, heart-stopping,cold-hearted-"

   Jake places a hand on my back,and I didn't realize that I was shaking until then."Calm down,Seth... We're going to get her."

   "What? What happened?" She asked,engaged in the conversation.

   Jake looked at me,and I just sigh."My father was killed by one of them. Just a little over a couple weeks ago." My voice disapeared again,near the end.

   She bites her lip,and places her hand on my shoulder."I'm part of La Push now. So,when I join. We'll kick her ass." She smirks.


   I laugh,and so does Jake. It's funny how I was nervous to talk to this girl,and now,she just seems like a long-lost friend. But there was this strange pull that I got from her,a weird feeling-but i just let it pass,and continue to carry on with this laughter. It feels good to be in a happy atmostphere. Rather than at home,hearing my mom and my sisters' endless cries,and screams in the middle of the night. My heart clenched,and I winced- it was always a gloomy day when I got home.


   "Hey,that's my favourite ice cream. Is it yours,too?" I hear her ask,with a soft smile.

   "Well,it is now..." I tell her,then quickly rush the words out of my mouth,"I mean,when Jake brought me here- it was just coicedence... It sung out to me!" I joke,and she smiles-and nods.

   "Good song." She winks,"I'll see you guys around?" she asks,looking back up at Jacob.

   He nods,"I'm sure Seth will be asking for you tomorrow."

   I look up at him,and smack him upside the head."You ..." I just shake my head.

   "Well,I haven't seen you this happy since..." He sighs,and shrugs."You're magical Senny!" He pokes her,and she smiles-laughing.

   "Good to know I bring joy to everyone." She bows,"Now,who's buying me my ice cream?"

   "Seth will!" Jake suggests,all too happy.

   I shrug,"I guess I am."

love it and first comment and keep me posted!!!

Hahah,thank you ! :D

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