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Preface: I didn't think my life would end like this but when I think back on it now it wasn't much of a life till I met him. Till I walked in and saw his eyes on that first
day. So If I had to redo everything again I would do it exactly the
same because in this one instance I knew that we would be together no
mater what happen to me, he was my life now and for always.





Chapter one Ashley’s P.O.V. (welcome to forks Washington)



The thunder crackled from above as we rushed into a cab as we left the airport. This was what I was being forced to do, Live in a melancholy town where it rains almost every
single day. I put my purse in my lap and stared out the window to my
new home of forks,Washington. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't
for the fact that my mom and dad got a divorce. My two older brothers
Eric and Kevin were in the back talking about weather or not there
would be any hot girls at this new school. I just ignored them for
the most part. My little sister Catherine was sitting in my dads lap
waiting for the cab to hurry so she could play with her new toys.
Everyone was being paid off somehow and someway. She got new toys and
my brothers got cash. I got a car but I refuse to drive it at the
moment, I was personally against this whole divorce, but as it is I’m
going to have to drive it to school now that my mom can't take me
now. My Older sister samantha was in the very front seat, acting
depressed because she would miss her stupid ex -boyfriend. The cab
started to leave after the cab driver got all the luggage in.


After a hour drive we pulled up to a big white house. I sighed.


“Cheer up ash” Eric said to me


“Yea cheer” I murmured


“It may not be much but at lease you'll have your own room.” my dad commented.


I rolled my eyes, he wanted us to love this house so much that he would have bought NASA if he could. I carried my stuff up to my room. When I opened the door that said
Ashley I dropped my bags and my mouth. My room was amazing. I had the
largest bed I could ever imagine. It was dark blue with glow in the
dark stars, A Desk with a new laptop and a hammock just in case I
made friends and one stayed the night. I ran down stairs and hugged
my dad.


“Saw your room huh?”


“Yes thank you so much daddy”


“No problem baby girl.”


I got up stairs and started unpacking, I turned my new radio on. A upbeat song came on, called pocket full of sunshine. I heard my dad talking out side and it sounded like
other men too. I looked out my window I saw a police officer and a
couple of dark skinned Indian men. I went to grab the last of my
luggage off the porch.


“Ashley!” my dad said I turned to face him.


“yes dad?” I asked curiously


“I want you to meet chief swan and some of the Quilute kids from the reservation.”


“HI I'm Ashley.” I shook each of there hands


“ HI I’m Sam..” the oldest started to talk.


“ ...and this is Embry , Colin , Quil and Jared.”


“nice to meet all of you.” My sister was on the top balcony , I watched as Embry stared at her as if he had been love struck.


“Have you met her yet?” I asked


“no” He looked at me as if I noticed too much.


“Would you like too?” I smiled.


“Yes” he smiled back We walked into the house.


We reached the very top step when she came around the corner.


“Sammy this is Embry” I stated. I don't think I ever saw her blush so many shades before.


“Hey” was all that could come out of her mouth.


“Hi” He relied


“Um I'm feeling more and more like a third party so I’ll leave y’all to those one syllables.”


I got down stairs and my brothers were wrestling. It was getting late and so I decided I was going to go to bed, I had school tomorrow any ways and I didn’t want to go tired
and a hot mess.


Hope yall enjoy



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i like it and i hope you keep going
Chapter two Ashley's P.O.V (first sightings)

I had the strangest dreams last night. I was standing in the forest when I saw a boy but suddenly he disappeared and I don't know why but I wanted to find him more than anything else in the world. I stretched as I sat up letting all my bones and muscles work lose. I was starting school today, I'm a senior in high school, I just turned 17. I straightened my hair and put my make up on. It felt cold outside when I stepped on my balcony. I Slipped into skinny jeans, fuzzy black boots , and a long black sweater. I have always been kinda slim and short. My siblings decided that they would drive them selves, so I got into my Black mustang and turned on the radio, baby by Justin beiber was on. I started singing to the tune. I reached the school and it was small as expected. I parked in the spot closes to the school. My family wasn't here yet, well no one was except for the staff. Wow I didn't realize I left that early. I got inside and asked the desk lady who's name was ms. Halls for my school information. She handed me a map and my class schedule. I memorized my classes and their spots. I was still to early so I went to my car and laid back in the seat, thinking about the boy in my dream. Who was he, and why do I keep seeing him in all my dreams lately. I started to hear people so I sat my seat straight up and saw cars and students everywhere. My family was already out making new friends as I saw my sister Samantha with Embry and talking to the football team. I got out of the car and headed to my first class. I gave the teacher the slip of paper. He signed it and handed it back to me. I sat in the very back hoping that I just wouldn't get called on much back here. The class started to fill until the bell rung. The teacher made a special announcement about my arrival of course I blushed and looked down. I hated introductions. HE seemed cool he made jokes a lot and let the class talk a lot. I had many kids ask me question. Tiffany newton was one of many who seemed to be fond of me.

“So where are you from?” Tiffany asked

“Dallas Texas”

“wow that's Far”


“why did you move to such a small town”

“my dad use to live here as a kid and my parents got a divorce.” I stated


The bell rung and I headed to my second class. IT went by in a breeze I saw many kids that were in my first class in there. Lunch came around and I sat with Tiffany and her friends. They all seemed very welcoming. A kid named Trent was a little to welcoming, I was afraid I had an admirer, and Tiffany's boyfriend also seemed a little too interested. The whole time during lunch I felt a tugging. Not like someone was physically pulling me but as if gravity was trying to push me in a direction. The bell rung to head to third period. I Entered the classroom. There was the tugging again. I looked up this time too look where it was pulling me too. When I looked up, I was staring into the eyes of the boy from my dream. Big brown eyes stared at me from across the room. He smiled at me, kinda like the way Embry smiled at Sam. This boy was also a dark tan native American. The teacher handed me the piece of paper back and pointed me to the seat next to the boy. There was no other seats. I sat next to him. The heat was radiating off of him like a space heater.

“hey” He said in a low voice

“Hi, I'm Ashley Withers.”

“ I'm Seth Clear water” He said smiling

“ Nice to meet you.” I murmured

The rest of class I watched the teacher, checking in the corner of my eye that he was still there and I wasn't imagining this amazing guy. He looked at me most of class. The bell rung I stood up.

“ill see you later” I whispered, he had no clue how true that was , I that I would see him later in my dreams.

“yea see you later.” he replied

The last class went in a blur. I couldn't help thinking about him for the rest of school. The final bell rung. I got to my car when I saw him staring at me from a silver Volvo with another tall Indian and a small petite pale girl with red hair. I blushed and got in my car. I started heading home. I got inside no one was home. I treed up the stair just thinking of my day. I laid on my bed, I screamed into my pillow. I heard the front door close and lots of people talking.

“ASH” I heard Eric scream

I got down stairs the house was full of kids from school mostly kids from the reservation.

“yeah?” I asked

“Were going to the movies want to come?”

I looked around and Seth was sitting on the couch.

“sure” I said

We all took separate cars. I had Kevin and Leah clear water in my car along with Seth clear water. We got the movies.

Everyone wanted to watch hangover

WE all laughed the entire time. When the movie was over we all went back to the house to hang out. I went into the kitchen to grab a drink. Seth followed me into the kitchen.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” he sounded concerned

“yes I did”

“that's good”

“Do you want to go up stairs and talk?”

“Sure, sure” he said

We sat on my bed talking about our favorite bands and movies.

“no seriously you've never heard of Diary of Jane?”




We started talking about embarrassing things that have happen to us and our futures, like what we want to happen in the future I didn't mention that I wanted him in mine. I had him cracking up at my impression of Sammy when she goes on one of her rants.

I was starting to get really tired.

“your tired”


“well I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“ OK” I said sadly

“whats wrong” he asked

“nothing , its stupid, just forget about it.”

“Tell me ash you can tell me”

“Its just well I don't want you to go.”

“I can stay if you want.”

“yes” I said a little to quick


“Besides your rooms comfortable compared to mine” he said

I giggled

“your an awesome friend” I said

“oh so were friends now are we.”

“um Are we?”

“I’m just messing with you ash of course we are.”

When I started to look away he looked kinda hurt for some reason. He couldn't possibly want the same thing I want. The same urge to be with him as more than a friend.

“Let me go tell my sister and mom that I’m staying here.”

“Will your mom care?”



I knew that Leah was in Kevin's room, they grew so attach to each other so quickly it was unbelievable. I started to get changed, I changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank top and long soccer socks with neon green strips. I heard three little taps at my balcony window and then Seth came through the door.

“Lucy I'm Home” yes you are I thought home to me. I shook the thought out of my head. We were just friends right. It felt like more than that but I don't want my feelings to scare him away.

“Well Ricky what are you doing here so early.” We both giggled at our favorite old time TV series.
We laid on my big bed Seth made an excellent space heater under my blankets, I laid my head on his flat abed stomach. I fell into complete bliss.
still good can't wait for more
I like it. keep writing.
Chapter three (HINT, HINT)

The sun rose waking me up. Seth was still passed out. Today was Saturday. Wow feels like Wednesday, I guess that’s what you get for moving in the middle of the week. I smelled bacon coming from down stairs. I didn't want to wake Seth so I Quietly got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, where my sister and Kevin were cooking and making out. I walked by them picked up some bacon and read the paper.

“You read?” Seth asked appearing out of no were.

“GAH” I jumped.


“you scared the living snot out of me.”

“Snot doesn't live”

“does too, micro organisms, do you even pay attention in bio.”

“Nope” I giggled, because he was staring at me as he said no as if to say no because I'm looking at you most of the time.

Kevin and my sister haven't come up for air in like 30 min so me and Seth started to throw bacon at them.

“WHAT?” they both yelled.

“We were just making sure your still alive” We laugh at the same time .

“Seth why don’t you go play with your imprint” what was that he was talking about whats an imprint.

“Why don't you bite me” they both started laughing, Sam was laughing too. I felt as if I missed the joke.

“come on ash, do you want to go to the beach.”

“sure” I ran upstairs and though on a bathing suite and a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I grabbed my car keys, I let Seth drive my car. Which is a change for me because I never let anyone drive my car.
We got down to the beach and started walking along the ocean. Seth grabbed my hand at one point and never let go. We continued holding hands. Our fingers intertwined. He rubbed my hand with his thumb on an occasion. We sat on something that looked like a broken tree. We sat there holding hands, and talking about his tribes legends.
We got back to the car, Seth made up some lame excuse saying that it was getting late. When we got to the house I noticed a lot of howling.

“hmm wolfs”

“how did you know

“i studied them last year, most beautiful creatures if you ask me.” I said he stared at me as if I just pronounced my love or something.

“ you ok?”

“yeah im great.” he replied
looovvvvveeeee it!
omg its awsome plz keep me updated
Loveeeeeee it!
Chapter four seths P.O.V

“Hmm wolfs” She said I watched as her perfect lips said this.

“How did you know I asked” Seems as if normal people would think regular
dogs or something. But she knew it was wolfs right away.

“ i studied them last year, most beautiful creatures if you ask me.” Replied.

So she thinks wolfs are beautiful huh. I wonder if she would think I'm beautiful.

“you OK?” she asked me

“yeah I'm Great. “

We headed into her house. We sat on the couch and watched movies. Kevin
and Jared and Kim and Sam were coming in and out of the house. Laughing
cheerfully. I put my arm around Ashley. She laid her head on my chest.

“aren't you cold?”

“No are you, not with you around no” She blushed when she said that,

“well then how about I stay around?”

“I like the sound of that” she said

We fell asleep on the couch like this. Her dad was the one to wake us up.

“Ashley!” he yelled

“AHHHH, What” I jumped as soon as she screamed , ready to protected her from any harm.

“ Why do you have a boy staying the night here?”

“we just feel asleep watching a movie dad no need to get your panties in a bunch.”

“Hi mr. Withers”

“Hello Seth, hows your mom doing”

“Good” Ashley looked frustrated

“um I think its best I go home now.”

“Yes well I think that's best”

Ashley walked me to the front door.

“ill climb in your window in about ten minutes I promise sweety ” I
whispered low enough that her dad couldn't hear. She giggled and then
closed the door on me . I ran into the woods and burst into wolf form.

“Busted” Leah yelled in her mind

“Not all of us are willing to open our hearts right on the spot Leah”

“She likes you , I don’t understand why your being such a baby about telling her.”

“I want her to choose me rather me telling her about it and thinking she is forced into it.”

“She has a choose dummy, weather you tell her or not.”

“What ever I gotta tell mom I wont be h0me tonight”

“she already knows and shes having charlie over for a date so don't ruin it for her.”

“OH OKAY well ill be at Ash’s if anyone needs me “ I went back to her
house, I climbed the tree next to her window and climbed in. She flipped
open the covers and let me slid in with her. She was already half way

“ Night Ashley” I said to her.

“ Night Seth love you.” she replied she yawned and cuddled next to me even tighter.

“Love you too Ashley” She smiled.

Chapter five Ashley's P.O.V

I woke up, with Seth right next to me, was last night a dream did I really tell him I love him and he tell me he loves me too.
I felt my heart squeeze with the tiniest hope. I rolled over and Seth
was asleep. His mouth parted a little, I stared at his lips for the
longest time. He started to wake up so I laid down and pretended to be
asleep. He was inches from my face.

“Ash....are you awake?”

“Ash wake up....”

He got to inches from my ear...

“beautiful...time to wake up.” my heart started to fly when he said that.
“I can hear your heart beat “ he chuckled

“damn” I laughed

I opened my eyes Seth was only inches from my face. He was staring at me.

“What?” I asked

“Oh nothing.”

“what do you want to do today?”

“hmmm how about the mall?”


“I gotta get some new clothes.”

“Oh , so your gonna model for me..” he chuckled

“Noooo...” I laughed

“ I just need you to tell me if I look fat or not.”

“Your not fat Ash, your like 98 pounds and like 5'5 , if anything your underweight. “

“I know that silly ,but some clothes makes a girl look bigger.”


It's true tho, I was under weight, the doctors told me if I didn't find
something to get my weight up soon I could end up in the hospital
we got to the mall, Seth was in a large sweat shirt and faded jeans. And
I was wearing skinny jeans with tears in wholes in them with a black
t-shirt that had rips on the side of it. We stood in the middle of the
floor thinking about were to go first. A group of guys were standing at
lease 10 feet away looking at us and whispering. I looked over at them
and one winked. Seth grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. The
guys looked disappointed after that.



We got into the store, the man behind the counter looked over at me and smiled.

“May I help you?”

“No I think I got it thank you tho.” I smiled and pulled Seth into the
dress section. I grabbed a black dress and sat Seth into a chair for him
to watch me. I came out of the dressing room and Seth's eyes got
bigger, the guy at the counters mouth dropped.

“Is that a yes I asked Seth” He just nodded

“Cool, cause its comfortable”

Next I slipped into a pair or white skinny jeans and a black V-neck t-shirt. Once again he liked it.

“Seth are you going to like everything I try on.”

“Can''t help it, you make the ugliest clothes look cute.” I blushed all
different shades. I went up to the counter to pay, the guy said 50.99
cents. I pulled out my credit card and paid for them.

“Have a wonderful day.”

We started leaving the store. I looked down at the recite. I stopped.

“what is it.”

“That guy gave me half off.”

“What do you mean?”

“The dress was 35$ and the jeans and shirt were 70$”
I flipped the Recite over and there was a number. I started laughing, Like I was ever going to call that guy.

“What?” I handed him the Recite.

“He liked you.” Seth sounded melancholy

“Well I didn't like him.” Seth cheered up at the sound of that.

We got back to the house. We had school tomorrow and the weather was
suppose to be nice, so I decided I was going to wear my new dress. I
laid on the bed. Seth laid next to me. He wrapped his arms around me. I
snuggled close to him. He kissed the top of my head.

“I love you seth.” I whispered.

“ I love you to Ash.” I kissed his chest before I fell asleep.

Chapter Six

The sun was bright as it peeked through my bed room window. I rolled over to where Seth was last night, he was no longer there, i guess he went to get ready for school. I got up and
stretched out, i thought about Seth while i was getting ready for
school.I walked out to my balcony , It was freezing, so much for warm
weather, at lease there was a sun peeking through today slipped into
some jeans and a t-shirt.


Ashley's out fit:


Sam's Out fit:


I heard a honk out side , i rushed to the window to see who it was, it was Embry and Seth waiting for me and Sam. I grabbed my stuff and rushed down stairs, i bumped into  Sam on the
way out.

"You look great!" we both said , and giggled as we rushed down to see our favorite people.

When i got out side seth held his arms open, i instantly ran and gave him a hug. He kissed the top of my head.

"How did you sleep beautiful?"



"Me too" he replied , we slid into the car his arm still around me.

Embry and Sam were giving each other goo-goo eyes.When we got to the school Sam and Embry headed in to the school, i stated to follow when i heard


"Hey ash?"

"Yeah" I turned seth looked like he was deep in thought

"Do you want to go out with me tonight?"

"Sure seth, i always want to hang out with you."

"No i ment like a date?"

"Ohhhh.." Did he really just ask me that ,, omg i could faint.

"Sure seth id love too." He sighed

"Great" He grabbed my hand and we headed off to our classes.


I got to my first period class where Tiffany was waiting for me,

"Omg , i just heard"

"Heard what?"

"That you and seth are dating , thats Awesome."

"Um were not dating yet, He just asked me out on our first date tonight"

"Oh." She pouted, but i liked the thought of me and Seth dating it gave it a homey feeling.

"Do you know what your wearing for your date?"

"No i havent really thought of it."

"I can come over and help you if you'd like."

"Sure, come over around 5 , hes not picking me up till around 7ish."



Lunch finally came around and Seth was waiting for me by the cafeteria doors. I grabbed his hand as we went and sat at the lunch table filled of the quileute member's and Some of the Cullen's .

"Are you guess ready for tonight?" Leah asked, she and Kevin were sitting on the other side of the table.we looked at each.

"Yes" we said together.


The rest of school went by in a blur.


Sorry its so short the next one is going to be Long and Shocking !!! hope yall like

Chapter 6 part 2

Ashley's Pov

After school Seth told me that him and Embry are going to hang out with the guys until our date.
When we Reached the house Embry and Sam said their good byes in the
    "Have fun." I said once we were alone.
    "Ash?" He said, I was staring at the ground trying not to look in his beautiful eyes.

    "I don't have to go you know." He lifted my chin so he could see my eyes.

    "And let you ruin Tiffany's chance at making me look like a princess , not a chance." I said teasingly
    "You already are a princess to me." I blushed , trying not to look in his eyes. Suddenly a wolf howled.

Embry came running out of the house running down the street.

    "What was that all about?"

    "Ill ... ugh... Ill tell you later" I looked up at him i could tell he was hiding something from me.
    " I have to go and caught up to him." Seth said, i didn't want to let go of him

    " Ill see you later." He lifted up my chin one more time and kissed my
lips lightly,it was the first time he has kissed me on the lips, always
my cheek or my head never my lips.

At first it was soft but building. Another howl broke from the woods. He broke the kiss.

    " I love you Ashley, ill see you tonight."
    "Love you to Seth" He kissed my lips lightly before hauling but down the street.

I sighed, Sam came running out of the house jumping up and down in joy and screaming happily

    "You were spying on me?" i asked a little outraged but to happy to be angery

    "Of course i was, That was so cute and sweet."

We headed in to the house to talk girl talk until Tiffany got there.

    " So how much do you know about Seth and Embry ?" she asked me

    "I know there best friends, i know Seth has 1 sister and his mother but his dad died a while ago."

    "That it he hasn't told you anything else?" she was hinting at
something and it hit me that she knew what Seth was keeping from me.

    "What do you know?"
    "I cant tell you what i know, but i know that you will know what i know later tonight,you know"

    "That was a brain teaser." we both giggled at her convoluted sentence.

The door bell rang loud and shrill. Time to have a total make over. I
opened the door and She was standing there with A lot of clothes and

Seth's Pov

She looked so sad for me too leave. I wasn't sure if i could leave, I knew tonight was the night i
was going to tell her everything.

    " I don't have to go you know." I lifted her chin so i could see her eyes, the bright green eyes i know and love.

    "And let you ruin Tiffany's chance at making me look like a princess , not a chance." she said teasingly

    "You already are a princess to me." she blushed, it was cheesy i know
but her heart fluttered anyways. Suddenly Jacobs howl sounded for the

Embry came running out of the house, and said to me , hurry up man you know how Jacob hates to wait. Low enough for her not to

    " What was that all about?" She asked with questioning eyes.

    " Ill ....ugh..." shoot what was i going to say to her, I'm a shape
shifting wolf who's Alpha loves to ruin a moment. "...Ill tell you
later" She looked up at me
and i knew she could tell i was keeping something from her.

    "Okay" she murmured hopeful

    "I have to go and caught up to him." while i was saying this i couldn't help but hug her closer.

    "Ill see you later." She said sadly . I lifted up her chin one more
time and kissed her lightly to see how she would react, did she love me
like she says she does.

It was our first kiss on the lips and it was amazing it just felt right. It was soft at first but it was
building. Another howl broke from the woods. I broke the kiss. Jacob
would pay!

    "I love you Ashley, ill see you tonight."

    "Love you too Seth" I kissed her once more lightly before, running down the street and out of sight to turn wolf.

As i was turning wolf i heard Sam scream in delight. I rolled my eyes.





We were all instantly aware of him.


 We were all in agreement to this. The pack as grown a lot since the night
of the volturi, Some wondering shape shifters found Jake and i on patrol
one night.

    * Seth were are you taking her tonight* Embry

    * Oh like i would tell you so you could tell her sister so her sister would tell her , no way i don't think so.*

    *Well im running home to get ready, i still gotta ask Edward if i can borrow Bella's old "NEW" car.*

    *Good luck kid* Jake thought
    *Thanks bro*

Ashley's pov.

    I sat in the up stairs bathroom talking with Tiffany and Sam about
tonight. Tiffany screamed too when she found out about me and Seth's

My hair was curly and in a ponytail off to the side, I hoped that where ever Seth was taking me tonight was going to be warm
because she had me in a short pink and black dress, with heels, and

I hope i didn't look to girlishly to Seth's likings, i normally just wore jeans and t-shirts and boots and flip flops.

    "Of course hes going to like you, y'all were born to be together, like
fait or love at first sight." She hinted, It was getting really annoying
that she knew stuff that i didn't. We are

sisters for crying out loud , we never keep secrets, except what we do with each others
boyfriends cuz really , i don't need to know what her and embry do at

Seth was going to be here in ten minutes. There was a knock on the door, and suddenly Jacob and Renesmee, his life long
girlfriend were standing in the door.

    "Oh girl you look good." renesmee said in her sing song voice.
    "doesn't she Jake." He nodded his head and kept his eyes on her.
Luckily me and renesmee had become the best of friends, even more than
me and Tiffany.

Jake kept a weird look on me all the time though which made me curious on weather or not we were friends. I stood up
after they were done and looked in the mirror.

    "Oh , how Alice would have loved to be here for this."


    "My aunt, you'll meet her...well you'll meet her soon." She said with a
smile. She was weary when she said it as if she knew something i didn't

    "what do all of you know that i don't!" They all looked at each other

    "Um yeah i second that cuz i don't know anything." Tiffany said

Suddenly there was a knock on the Door.


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