The Twilight Saga

What if seth's imprint doesn't want to open up to her feeling's because of a horrible past? what if she convinced herself that love does not exist?can seth change her mind about love and give her somthing to believe in?





chapter one: new school


"Rosemarrie get up!" my aunt celest said shaking me.


"why?" i said plainly.


"because if you don't you'll be late for your first day at your new school sweetie," she said.


Right' school. Why do i even bother to keep going and wake up every morning? Oh yeah because my crackpot ,smoking ,alchaholic aunt would be crushed. Yeah right!


I have been passed  off to my aunt because both my parents at one point almost killed me in one of their abuse sprees. Somtimes i wish they had, but now they are both in jail and im stuck with celest. So i am going to distance myself from everyone so that no one can hurt me.


I got up  walked over to me suitcase and grabed the first outfit my hands touched. After i was done getting dressed and putting on some makeup i went down stairs to grab my truck key's.


I went out side to my truck and got in. The way to school was quiet and wet. You see i now live in la push washington a small indian rez where everyone knows everyone.




I walked in to my first class a little late because i got lost in the school. When i looked around i saw jocks and cheerleaders everywhere the only normal person i saw was a very tan musculer guy that had croped black hair. And even he wasn't that normal looking.


"Hi there you must be the new student," the teacher said and i just nodded my head.


"Well why dont you introduce yourself to the class, dear," god her voice was so high pitched it almost made my ears hurt!


"Why would i do that it's not like any of these block head jocks and prissy cheerleaders are ever going to talk to me so theres realy no point" i said rudly


"Well then i will for you. Class this i Rosemarr-" i cut her of.


"Don't call me that it's Dawn okay, can i just have a seat?" I asked


"Fine, you can go sit next to Mr.Clearwater in the back" she said pointing to the boy i had described earlier.


"Thank's" i said and walk to my seat and sat down.


"Hi, im Seth" the boy said as he held out his hand for me to shake.


I just looked at his hand and shook my head "no."


"Oh come on just shake my hand" seth said and i new he probably wouldn't stop asking so i shook his hand. His hand was realy warm.


"Nice wrist bands can i se them?" he asked so i started to try and take them off but he stoped me and said "It's okay i can look at them on your wrist." Before i could protest he had my hand and was sliding the bands so that he could see all of them but thats when he saw my wrists and the slices on them some new and some old.





W/N: so should i keep going or what?

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Seems good,keep writing girl
Sure go for it..sounds good to me..
love it
i will have the next chapter up probably tonight or realy soon!
i was getting really into u should write more its good
i agree i was alil sad when it stopped
its really good and im not just sayin that cause im your friend
chapter 2: consession

part 1


"please don't tell anyone!" i begged him

"wha- why?"he asked sounding shoked.

"why what?" i asked.

"why do you cut yourself?" he asked with suprisingly sad eyes.

"becauce it feels a whole lot better than everything else in this messed up world! besides it's not like you realy care, so don't worry about it k." i told him my voice sounding oddly sad. hhhmmm im usualy very good at hidding my feellings but right now i wasn't i wonder why.

"no' not k!" he wisperd but he looked and sounded like he wanted to yell. why is he shaking?

"excuse me!" i said to him. why is he acting so weird i just met him and he's sounding like an older brother!

"listen, meet me at lunch and i'll explain okay?" he told me but before i could respond the bell rang and he was off leaving me feeling slightly confussed.

"okaaay" i mutterd to myself while slowly leaving the classroom.

half of me was realy dredding lunch because i realy wasn't looking forward totalking to seth abbout my problems, but the other half was realy looking forward to hearing why he cared so much because he is realy cute and nice. the seconed half is the part of me that i am pretty sure i have no conntrole over.

W/N: i know its short but im posting this part of it now part 2 will be up tomarow i hope!
i really like it
I like it,keep writing please
keeping going please i love it
this is really good im glad you decided to keep going


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