The Twilight Saga

Tragic Endings And The Bloody Truth (A Seth Imprinting Story)

Chapter 1 Lexi P.O.V.

I wake up from my older brother and the pack talking. I got upand took a shower. I got dressed in my favorite neon green tanktop and some shorts. I put my hair up to a messy bun.I went down stairs and everybody stared "What? Do I look Bad.. I'll Go change." I turned too go up stairs to change but seth grabbed my arm "No Lexi You ook great" He whisped in my ear. "Yeah" Some of them Backed him up. "Alright Then Do we have anything left to eat?"

"Yeah, We got some Ceral and some bread, too make toast." said Dad.

"Kay" I said. I tried to go to the kitchen but Seth still held my arm in his hand. "Umm Seth you kinda have to let go" I said pulling my arm free of his gripp. "Oh sorry Lexi" he said pulling his hand away. I jumped the last six steps than walked into the kitchen. I fixed my self a bowl of ceral and put three pices of toast in the toaster oven. I sat down to eat. "Hey Lexi" I looked up to see Seth.

"Oh Hi Seth"

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Seth, whats on your mind?"

"Well.. I imprinted on you"

When he said that my heart did a little dance. I loved him too but i didn't know if he loved me too. But now it was the happiest momment of my life. "Oh Seth I love you too" I said  crying tears of joy. He leand closer to me. "Lexi why are you crying" He asked. "Seth i'm crying cuase im so happy" I said leaning in so i could rest my cheek on his chest. I looked up at him, and he was already looking down to me. I lifted my face and kissed him and he kissed me. he grabbed my waist and pulled me up on to his lap. Right then Quil came in. "Oh... Are you guys in the middle of something?" he asked. I didn't answer him i was too busy kissing Seth. Seth broke off his eyes filled with a mixture of happines and love. "Yeah dude" he said. "Fine im out" Quil said closing the door behind him.

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I'l wright more latter. Please comment! :D
I Love It Cant Wait For More!!
I Love It :') post more

Chapter 2 Lexi P.O.V.

I walked to the small park with my niece, Darian. "Hey Dary do you want me too push you on the swing?"

"YES. YES" She screamed excitedly.

"Do you want help up?"

"No, I can do it all by myself. Whach me." she  bounced up to the swing, that was to he shoulders. She jumped into the swing with as much grace and balance as a full Vamp.

"Good"I praised her.

She smiled a gloating grin.

I grabbed the hard cold chains and pulled back. I ran forward with the swing ducking away from Darians feet.

"WEEEE WEEEE" She screamed with delight.

I looked at the clock on my phone. Oh my god Seth is picking me up for dinner in a half hour!

"Darian we gotta go now im gonna be late."

"AWW" she said and jumped off the swing. I scooped her up in my arms and ran off to my house. 2 miniutes passed and we were there. I sat her down on the couch then ran to my room to get ready.

(I will finish this chapter l8er in Seth.s P.O.V.)

post soon :)
love it!!!!! keep me posted and continue with this story.


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