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Seth is the only one that has not Imprinted, one day when a girl gets attacked by a Vampire he saves her and brings her to the cullens to make sure she is okay, when she wakes up, he Imprints on her, what will happen?

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Chapter 1~Saved

Seth's Pov:

I watched the way Embry was with his Imprint, Annie. I sighed she was my cousin and when she came here to stay with us of course he Imprinted on her and she stayed, she did not know how to react to him being a wolf at first but she seemed to handle it fine. 

"You're cute" She mussed looking at Embry

"No you are" he said and kissed her forehead then her lips

I sighed rolling my eyes, everyone was happy, or had someone. Sam was married to Emily, Jared had Kim, Paul had Rachel, Quil and Claire started going out, Embry had Annie, Jacob was with Nessie, Collin was with Lara, Brady was with Leah, only I was alone, had no one, I am the one and only lonely wolf in the whole pack. No one or nothing to live for, protect or love. 

I walked around the beach and sighed my mind on other things then they probably should have been but I did not want to think about any one being happy around me leaving me out. I sighed and then smelled a Vampire and phased as I ran into the woods. I ran following the scent and I found a girl getting attacked by one, I jumped on the Vampire and tackled it away and killed it easily with my wolf teeth then walked over to the girl.

She layed there on the floor, out cold and bleeding, I put her on my back and ran to the Cullens, I stopped outside Carlisle's house and howled for help

Carlisle walked outside and took one look at me and took the girl off my back and rushed her to his office as I stood beside him in my human form watching worried "Is she going to be okay?" I asked, even though the girl was out cold and in such a bad shape, she still looked beautiful

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Is he going to imprint? What a stupid question.

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