The Twilight Saga

Am i the only one that can not put the books down. I keep re reading them. Does any one else......

Even thought i know the story line i feel like i am reading the books for the first time. 

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Yeah i must read the host as well i do love her writing but i wish she would finish midnight sun and maybe do the rest in the cullens point of view as well
Hahahahaha!!!! Well I clicked on the link to the video, "Twilight, what have you done to my wife" and laughed. There by the Grace of God go I...The only thing that makes me feel sane is that I'm not the only one obsessed with Stephanie Meyer's books and now the movies. LOL..too funny! Thanks for the laugh Audra!
Oh im glad im not the only one who is doing that!Hello to all and im so glad im in a place that ppl feel like i feel, cause no one really understands my addiction to those books...i dont unerstand it either.I was waiting for a story like that to exist i guess and now Twilight saga series are much more better than i expected or ever dreamed, I just want to thank Steph.
I am just starting my 3rd time reading the books and each time its like the 1st!Well cheers to all of you from Greece :)
lets just hope that she hasnt finished writing the twilight saga just yet.......
Oh gees I thought I was the only one. I have read them each at least the minimum of 30 times I am a librarians assistant who just cannot read another book without going back to the Twilight Saga afterwards!!!
ok you have offically beaten me. wow. its great when you get a book that has such appeal to a wide audience.
Definately not alone, I am obsessed with Breaking Dawn ever since I started reading it. I'm now on like, about the 5th time of reading it, But I can't be sure as I dont count it that much, I just keep re-reading it. Lol
i am torn between Eclipse and breaking dawn as my favorite. Its such a great book, i am always sad when i finish the end though as i was hoping for that little bit more, dont ask what i was expecting maybe for it to not end....
My problem is that when I first start reading I'm not able to stop again until the book is finished. I have to tell myself that the book will not disappear. That it will still be there the next morning, if I didn't do this I would be sitting up reading until the early morning. I've read the Twilight Saga 4 or 5 times in the last 6 months. Twilight and Breaking Dawn more so then the others because they are my favorites.
Hi' I am new here and I have this same problem..every time I try to read something else I end up going right back to Twilight series!! Very frustrating!!! LOL..What I would not do to have either Midnight Sun or another book in this series..ahh!!!
Nope I finshed Eclipse yesterday and started BD again. These are my favorits but I can't seem to put any of them down once I pick them up
I do this all the time, lol!

Where would we all be without Stephanie???

I shutter to think about it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Stephanie, for your books, and the movies.


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