The Twilight Saga

Am i the only one that can not put the books down. I keep re reading them. Does any one else......

Even thought i know the story line i feel like i am reading the books for the first time. 

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I feel the same way I just keep reading the books over and over again

I just finished reading the set for the 7th time, just to turn around and re-start again...
NOPE, you're NOT alone!! I read them each about 7 times, with the exception of New Moon. There's just WAY TOO MUCH sadness & heartbreak for me to identify with in that book to read it more than twice. Thank goddness I have school right now and my textbooks that I have to stick to or else, I'd be reading NOTHING but that book series over, and over, and over again!! LOL! HOWEVER, as soon as I get a break in school, I WILL be re-reading them again!! LOL!
If these books were not addicting in every way... there would be no need for this sight to cater to it's enormous fan base. Yes I read the books over and over and over. I watch the movies whenever I need a quick dose of comfort. I download photos from the internet to fuel my downtime between books, and spend hours playing with

them for desktop art. I never thought I would be the type of person to join a fan club. I'm a married mother of 3... Certainly not your average fanatic. But I see on this sight I am not the only mature and overly addicted Twi-hard out there. To anyone on this sight who wants to feel better about the crazy curve-balls that life can throw us all from time to time.... I say pick up a Twilight book.... sit down.... read.... and know there is at least one place in the universe where everything works out in the end. Even for an awkward, clumsy, bookish girl from a broken home stuck in the worst weather in the US. Sometimes the heroes in our lives can come in the scariest packages. ie: Vampires and Ware-wolves .... Thank you Stephanie for that reminder,and a beautiful love story that sucks me in time and time again.
You are def NOT the only one. Heck somtimes I think I'm going crazy, I just want to read them over and over again. And even crazier than that I swear the feelings get MORE intense the more times I read them. WIERD, huh?! And then, I finished MS yesterday (on Stephenie's website) and OMG! I NEED her to finish it. And not only that one but I WANT the whole saga done in EC's point of view.
u have got me with you there!! :)))
no you are not the only one who can't put books down. for me if the book is extremely good i will have it finished in a day maybe two depending on how big the book is.
I am so with you!!! I have read and re-read the saga 6 times and I have to force myself to read other books in between. The first few times though, I would put one down just long enough to pick the next one up and once I had finished the last, I started all over again! I just can't get enough of the characters! I love them and they will forever be a part of my life! I also greatly enjoy reading the supplemental reading on Stephenie's website. I don't know if you have read some of the outtakes or extended scenes, but they make for quick interesting reads! I personally can never get too much Twilight! :)
I am so glad I am not the only one... sometimes I feel like I am out here all by my self...but I am the same way.. I am trying to read the girl with the dragon tattoo but all I want to do is pick up breaking dawn since I finished eclipse for the uteenmillionth time...

I turn 40 in a few days and the only thing I want is an unopened 4 book set.. is that strange??
Haha!!! No, not strange at all! Happy Birthday! I hope you got your unopened set!!!! I would love a set myself... someday! :)
You're not the only one!!! I have to read one chapter at least once a week or I go nuts!!!!!


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