The Twilight Saga

Am i the only one that can not put the books down. I keep re reading them. Does any one else......

Even thought i know the story line i feel like i am reading the books for the first time. 

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No you're definitely not the only one. I just got done reading Eclipse and am getting ready to start Breaking Dawn today. This will my 6th time through the entire series from the beginning. After I finish Breaking Dawn, I am going to read Midnight Sun for the 4th time.
oh i love Midnight sun, It really makes twilight so much better (if that was even possible ) as you feel you know the turmoil that he was going through..
Not only the turmoil of what Edward was going through; but, through Edward's ability, you also get a more indepth look at some of the other characters. For instance, it was in Midnight Sun that I really realized what a b**ch Jessica really is when we got to know what she was really thinking in the cafeteria the first time Bella saw the Cullens.
very true, plus i like alice even more
It was good hearing it from Edward's point of view. I didn't know what at b**ch Jessica was either. It really doesn't say in the movie...but it wouldn't considering it was Bella's thoughts. If you notice in the movie Twilight...the scene where Edward asked Bella for dinner in Port he looks at Jessica. You could see by his eyes that he doesn't like her much. Also, after reading Midnight Sun, I noticed Edward's car parked across the street from the dress shop while Angela and Jessica were trying their dresses on. I hadn't noticed his car there before I read his thoughts in Midnight Sun.
never noticed the car i will watch it again tonight.. i am re reading twilight and midnight sun at the moment to so, it must have been really hard for stephanie to get it perfect but she has done a fantastic job with the bit of midnight sun hopefully she will finish it soon and maybe so the rest in that way too just for the fans........ i can only wish.......
I agree...Stephanie did a wonderful job of tying up all the loose ends. I can't wait to read to the end.
Your not the only one. The Saga is very addictive
Youre not the only one
I saw this one earlier as long as we don't start blowing off our kids and hubbys we can say we are better then this chick
lmao that video is so funny
Oh so true, very funny
Oh I'm the same way with not only the books but with the Twilight movie as well. I don't tell my friends how obsessed I am with this story. I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I so love these stories of Stephanie Meyer.


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