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Ever since i read breaking dawn i wanted to know what happens with jacob and renesmee.Am i the only person who thinks that a series about them would be awesome?

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im a major fan of renesmee and jacob i would race to the store just to buy it.

   We or very dedicated Twilight fans " Forever"!  I know a lot of her fans would love for stories to continue on Jacob & Nessie! And more of Bella as a vampire! And more stories on the Cullens on a on going basis! We could never get enough!   We Love S.M, because she's a wonderful author!!  Therefore we all anticipate her next book about whatever her heart leads her to write!  We will always support her! 


                                                                                                    Happy Holidays To All!



I would love a follow up book! I read a lot of fanfics about the two of them and it helps your....hmm....antsiness a lot

it would be just amazing if she did write about them

i have always wanted to know what happens with them so many questions

WOW I would love to read about what happens between Jacob and Rensemee!!! That would be great! It would be better that happy ever after and your own imagination! 


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