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Ever since i read breaking dawn i wanted to know what happens with jacob and renesmee.Am i the only person who thinks that a series about them would be awesome?

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Yes but not with all the pressure it gives her writers block
There are TONS of loose ends in Breaking Dawn...TONS! Maybe she left them that way to pave the way for more books...HOPEFULLY!!
We can only hope and pray she will hear all of us and end our misery. There sure was alot of loose ends in Breaking Dawn still left to be tied up. PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES AND WRITE A BEAUTIFUL STORY SO WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with bubble nitz. I would love jacob's and renesmee's story to continue but from her. she has more to tell, We already got most of his story
No your not I also would love to know what happens..... also don't forget to put edward and bella and the rest in it.....
that would be amazing if stephenie wrote more books!! i was sad when breaking dawn was done, i want more!!
I thought the same thing when I finished Breaking Dawn! I'm sure she has already thought of it too. She said she was burnt out on Vamps though. So don't hold your breath.
I think she need inspiration. I hope she finds it soon!!!!

Steph, how could you not continue on. The story will eventually haunt you at night. You haven't even written it yet & it haunts me. ; )
that's a cool pic!
tht wuld be awsum bt edward and bella and the cullen family and charlie have 2 be in it bcs thy r her family so as long as thy r in it yes tht wuld be cool yayayaya stephanie so shuld lyk i sed with renesmee's family
that would be absolutly amasing!!!!!!!!
i would like to know how jacob and renesmees continues


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