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Ever since i read breaking dawn i wanted to know what happens with jacob and renesmee.Am i the only person who thinks that a series about them would be awesome?

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Nathaniel did seem interested in Renesmee, so there's always possibility of another love triangle.
i have been imaging what would it be like between jacob and lovely nessie i really hobe that stephenie would be kind enough to keep writing about them and i cannot wait to see how naheul will effect there relationship even that i think that renesmee will prefer the one who was here for her since she was born
no your not the only oe i like to know to what happends to them
I just finished Breaking Dawn today and i was just thinking that i would love to hear more about nessis and jake.. I am soooooooo in love with the twilght saga books. that now that i'm finished i dont know what to read that will make me feel so into the characters like i wished i was in the story with them.. i guess i will have to re- read them until SM gives use a new book about our beloved characters.. lol
thats what i did :)
I absolutely agree. That would be totally awesome... when i got to the end of breaking dawn i was thinking... "what happened with jacob and renesmee???? I am dying to know that
I think that would be just AWESOME! I would love to see the series continue even if Edward's and Bella's main story is complete!
I know!!!!!!! Someone said Steph is writing another series. But Im always gonna crave another twilight follow up!!!! Maybe SOMEDAY Steph will be drawn back to the Cullens.
Please PLEASE PLEASE Please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my ultimate dream, every night:)!!! NO JOKE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, STEPHANIE. Im goin crazy! i can't find another book thats comparable(and i have been reading ALOT!!!) since steph got me hooked on paranormal!!!! Jacob and Renesme or where ever steph wants to go with it. we need Renesmes story! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

I think any follow up book will be a must read.I am looking forward to all the choices Jacob and Renesmee would have to make,and the sadness of a short life.I wonder if it would have to be a short life?In the BD book there were hints that it might not be so.I wonder if Edward and Bella would meet back up with them,to help with a problem.Gosh the possibilities are endless.That's one of the hardest part of writing,choosing a future for the people in your world the choices can lead down so many paths.I for one wonder if the Cullen's will stay together or branch out.I wonder what Bella might choose to become,for that matter how will Jacob work and be a wolf?You see the questions and answers go on forever!So,write Stephie please! Your world is endless and can be whatever you choose,we,your fans will read and read again! Pss read HOST maybe a movie...that would be mindblowing!


im excited to know what happens to jacob and renesmee after the breaking dawn, and also to bella and edward..:)
i think if she keeps writing once things start to slow down she can keep her fans interested still.


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