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Okay, so I've only been reading Stephenie's books for two weeks now. I saw on her site everything about Midnight Sun, and I decided not to even read the chapters she posted there because I wanted to respect her wishes about the whole thing. I thought that, if she felt so strongly about it, then she shouldn't have to finish the thing because, really, that was a completely awful thing for someone to do. And I was really getting upset about how everyone kept going on and on in the forums about how much it's not fair that she might not write anymore. I mean, they're her books, it's her world, and if something happens and she doesn't want to continue, that should be her choice. It was all very simple in my head.

Then I was bored this morning, trying to avoid some studying I'm supposed to be doing for a military promotion test. So I went ahead and gave in to the temptation that I'd been trying valiantly to ignore, and I went to her site and clicked on the dang link because, really, each book that she published in 2008 just got better and better for me, so I wanted to see what she did with another point of view on characters that, frankly, I didn't love much at all, at least at first. I really only kept reading the saga because the story was so good, not because I liked the characters much at all.

I read those twelve chapters in two hours straight. I didn't move from the couch until I was done. As I was nearing the end, I didn't want it to end. And then I started thinking that it wasn't fair.

I don't mean that it's not fair to us fans, although there's plenty of people who feel that way right now, from what I've seen. I mean that it's not fair for Stephenie, because those chapters moved me more than most of the Twilight Saga combined. I think that the characters were more alive, became more complex, and her writing was just better. I actually liked what I read of Midnight Sun much better than Twilight just because it explained so much, and I enjoyed the viewpoint so much better. I also think that it takes true talent to be able to go back to a story you've already written and tell it almost seamlessly in another point of view (and I'm sure the few hitches would have come out with some editing), not to mention true dedication.

So it's not fair that someone took that away from Stephenie, and no, it's not fair that that person potentially took such a beautiful book away from all of us. And, while I'm trying very hard to supress it, there's a corner of my mind that wants me to beg and scream and plead and offer my only child in servitude if Stephenie will only change her mind and finish it. But I'll supress it, because I still think it should be her choice. But it's also still just not fair, to everyone including her.

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I agree completely with you Merewen, it is not fair to Stephanie and for the fans. I also am positive, that if she decides to finish the book, it will be sold, I felt bad by reading the book as well…it is so good!!!
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really want this book to come out!!!!!!!! I havn't read the frist chapter online because I can't read that long on the screen and it gives me a headache! So I want the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like OMG... Stephenie Meyer said that she MIGHT keep the series of Edwards POV IF people STOP sending round petitions to keep it going!! so u r ruining ur chances of Stephenie writing the rest if the series bcus some of u are starting and signing them!!!! please STOP it!! please pass this along 2 ur friends bcus i really want her 2 finish and publish the series!!
I agree. Stephenie was the one hurt the most by someone leaking her unfinished work on the internet. It is her story , her characters , and her world. No one else had a right to put one word of her creation out there. The story was not finished. It was a rough draft. No artist would want anyone to see anything other than their best work. I have not read Midnight Sun nor will I until Stephenie decides to finish it and make it available for all of us to read. PLEASE!!!!
I don't mean to offend anyone. I absolutely love the books and plan to see all the movies. However, I've never been at the "obsession" level that so many Twilight fans are. I still can't put the books down. I remember reading the Midnight Sun Partial Draft for the first time. I read the entire thing in one sitting. I couldn't tear myself away. I've read the series again and again and again and again and plan to continue this process ad naseum and beyond... But, it seems so many of us are a little too into Stephenie's reasons, etc. She's an author and Copyright laws should be respected. At the same time, most of her fans, including me, do not know her personally. So, it seems unnatural to devote so much time to wondering about these types of issues.
I gotta say, I tend to disagree with the sentiment of this group a little bit. Although I feel bad for Stephenie-- I really do-- it seems as if she is caught up in vengance or something. The fans are the people who got her to the point of where she is right now. She has stated "I never thought anyone besides me or my sister would like the books." Obviously, that turned out to be false... So why let down the people who have so thoroughly supported her? I mean, in some ways, its even better if she finishes it because it is like "SCREW YOU' to the person who stole it in the first place. Right now, she has let him/her get to her. There really is more to life than one person: think of the 100 million fans. Just a thought. I disagree with her completely and have been so disappointed on her disappearing act because of this happening.
Ohhhh!!! Thank you for expressing so nice what I feel about this story with that lovely book.
Whoever began that, must feel awful for the harm he caused.....
Although I have not read Midnight Sun I would very much like to but I do not want to read an unfinished book. And I do agree that it is totally up to Stephenie as to whether or not she finishes it. If she does then I will go out and buy and read it.
I agree that people have arrived not correctly when took her book. Unfortunately I read unfinished variant before i had seen Stephanie's reference. In Russia admirers became append the Midnight sun and at them not bad it turns out. But I wish to see the present book,the book of Stephanie. I very much wait for continuation and I hope that she will write it. She can't simply disappoint her admirers. It will be unfair. I know that no one I with impatience wait the Midnight sun.I think that Stephanie will understand that her fans need to see the continuation of the story on behalf of Edward!
I love Stephenie Meyer for the joy she has brought to the hundreds of thousands of people who are just as obsessed with this book series as I am. Its not right that someone stole her book. But I am DYING to hear the story from Edwards point of view, just as Stephenie was dying to let it escape from her mind. To not finish the book because of this is, from my point of view, unthinkable. Those of us who read the partial copy from her link cannot wait for the story to continue. Edward is the freaking HERO and the hero deserves to have his side told. The book would not have leaked to so many people if SO many people were not dying to get Edwards story. But I would love to have every side of the story! This book is EPIC!!!! I was never a true vampire fan until I read all 4 books. I love Twilight and I love Stephenie Meyer for writing this story and bringing us absolute love and fantasy melded into one glorifying tale of life, love, and just good old fashioned fun.
But, it's her choice to continue the book or not. But me, I will still continue to wait for Twilight Saga updates about Midnight Sun. I see a point of view on Mrs. Cope's statement, and I think it is right. We, twilight fans, really hope for the 5th book to be finished.


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