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I can't wait for more SM books! I love them all so much!

It's hard to see Breaking Dawn now,twilight is like a old friend.You are glad to see them and hate to see them go,yet cannot wait to see them again. I'm looking forward to BD2 and to seeing Host in the theaters too! In the mean time I do long for another Stephenie Meyer book. Her literary voice is so easy to read and see mentally. The hardest part of reading one of her books is not wanting to stop,ie:go to bed, do laundry Remember Ms. Meyers, be true to yourself and if you like it,you know we will! Congrats and keep up the great work...a cohort in writing says chow.

Dear Stephenie,

Thank you for the Twilight Sagas without which I wouldn't have thought to read any book, at all. Twilight has became my obsession since I read the first page of twilight. We (twilight fans) love u from the deepest pits of our hearts. I just want to ask you to PLEASE finish Midnight Sun, I'm dying to read it!!! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU

Dear Mrs. Stephanie Meyer



we RESPECT your decision to halt writing Midnightsun...

please remember we are always right behind you, we will always 

and forever support you...

love you...

Your-Fan-Who's-Using -Your-Pseudonym;

Donnah Fe M.


Dear Mrs. Stephenie Meyers,

I am a huge fan!! I love your books so much that everytime I read them I have 'TWILIGHT' dreams! No Joke!! Most of the time I see the story written play out in me head and other times I wonder what it would be like to live a TWILIGHT LIFE! I wanted to tell you that I love the little of Midnight Sun that you put out for the public to read!! I always wanted to know what Edward thought of certain things or how he saw certain things!! I respect your wishes and your rights about your writing. However, if you are asking what you fans want and or think just take a look around the whole website!! We love your writing and would enjoy another story!! I would also love to read about Jacob and Renesmee!!! Thank you for the stories you have given to us and we look forward to many more!!!

Thank you, Tiffannie Freeman


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