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Dear Mrs. Stephenie..

Would you please do another book tour... Or at least add ATLANTA to your next one... I would love to meet you and have a signed copy of the books that make us all so happy..


Ms T Lee

Stephanie should keep writing cuz I read someone's story that happens after Breaking Dawn and it is REALLY GOOD!
first of all i just want to thank u for the twilight saga!!!!!!!!!! i am such a twihard! i really loved the host too and cant wait for that movie!! and i really hope u will consider finishing/publishing midnight sun because despite the fact that it was leaked(i think i can speak for everyone)we still REALLY want to have Edwards perspective!!! u are one of my favorite authors and cant wait for ur next book
!!!!thank you so much again Stephanie!!!!
Stephenie, if you ever read this I just want you to know that you really inspires me. I recent know that you never wrote something before dreaming with Twilight and this reall ymade me love you even more cause its such a perfect and amaizing book and you've never written anything before! Anyway, I'm glad you did it cause Twilight its a very special part of my life. Its almost like if you dream was the lottery numbers. You won the lottery with this book and i realli think you shoud keep writing those amaizing things.. and it would be amaizing if you consider go back to midnight sun.. it killed me had to read only a part of the story.
Stephenie, i love your books. i fall in love with your character's. i would love to see a sequal to the Host. i am so waiting and anticipating your next book, no matter what story line inspires you. i know you can write about anything. i go into a different reality world when i am reading your books. thank you for creating what i call Twilight Land and the Earth you created in The Host.
Stephenie your books have become my addiction . And as like many others I have read all of your books many times I can't stop reading them . I tried to not read midnight sun as I know you wanted us to wait until it was finished but I gave in to temtation and read it and it was just as wonderfull as the rest . I have dreamed many stories that I would like to share but do not want to post them as this is your story and not mine . I would love to be a part of your world and the only way for me to do that is read the books , and live in my dreams . I do not want breaking dawn to be the end there is so much more there . Maby I will wright down all of my stories and try to get them to you . I know that is almost imposible but who knows maby you would get inspired to wright about some of them .

Yours truly ,
Jenna Rose <3

Pretty Please try to finish Midnight Sun!!! I'm very stubborn and impatient(kinda like Bella)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!! It would be great to know what everyone else is thinking about throughout the whole series......

I am a senior older person,I have read your magic words and been transported to age 16 again...These are rough times for

alot of people Ms Meyer,do not underestmate what power you world has as a gift to us who have little to make us smile.

I see all ages of family comming together as females,as families all due to the "Twilight World". You gives us a balm,bandaid, drink of cool water in a hot,dry world (yes I live in 104 degree Az). Do not stop exploring your world, allow us to share your adventure,and when possible see the well loved and read come to life on the silver screen. In these mean times haveing something to share and grow with is so very important. No matter what you choose to do,I you loyal reader will contiune to

wait for your next printed word,and thank you ever-so-much for the effort.My family thanks you too!

sorry i might leave the fan club i have no friends on this site and none of my other friends from school like twilight and i am just posting stuff al the time and its making me upset i might ask someone at school who i know 2 join but if they dont sorry i wont be coming on this site again xxxxxxxx

Dear Stephenie,

Thank you so much for writing your books! I love them so much and love you as an Author! I can't wait to see what wild ride you have us on next in future books! Thank You so so much!


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