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well said!
I SO AGREE WITH YOU DANIEL... i also downloaded it from her home page n thought it was great.. it means so much to us fans of the book because know we finally get to see what Edward was thinking and what some others where..i mean has anyone ever thought of what that lady in New Moon thought when she saw Edward kiss Bellas neck when they where at their honeymoon? or what little joke Jacob was thinking that made Edward laugh? but than again maybe it's just i truly think all the fans what to see Edwards point of view was through out the books..SO WE ASK YOU PLEASE STEPHENIE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN...
Please finish it!
Pretty Please with all the cherries you could imagine on top~~
Exactly why I went searching for a place to find a way to get a message to Stephanie, hoping many other Twilight fans were doing the same. I was mesmerized even more by Midnight Sun, then I was with Twilight. I love a good book series, but the Twilight saga has enthralled me. Reading Edwards take on his feelings and senses is exciting and gives delightful "explanations" to some of the Twilight happenings. Like many of you, I was just as enticed by Bella's desire for Edward and what is there of Midnight Sun has only left me agonizing for Edwards torturous description. Please Stephanie, should actually read these posts or just have someone sharing the hopes of your readers, finish Midnight Sun! Edward must be heard!
just leave her alone about midnight sun then she might actually finish it!
you are absolutely right!! please continue the series...
awesome. made me laugh
I agree with them all I hope so you can go on writing I know it's difficult but please bear in mind we are all suffering. You are really an amazing writer and no one else has gripped me so far as you've done and I'm begging you to write just for us. Being without a consequent of the saga equals to being tortured. I'm not exaggerating but merely begging you... and last of all haven't we all experienced bad things before? of course we have and please forget it just for us... We all love you!!

Sincerely, Erdem..
YEAH I agree with u!! we r all suffering!
You are an amazing writer.
A true inspiraton. Your books are more than brilliant. My mum and dad are glad my addiction is your books and not drugs, though i dissagree i think your books are a drug. Twilight has changed my life. I am in love with the whole story. I am so glad Jacob has Renesme now.
i feel like the Cullens are my family and that Jacob is my bestfriend and Renesme is my baby girl. i want to thank you so much for writing your dream down, if you hadn't i don't know what i'd be doing now. I do hope you will pubilsh Midnight Sun, even though some stupid person(s) leaked it. i would be the book and so would manyy of my friend.
and last but not least ;) thankyou Stephenie. You are a hero.
I just want to say that I wich you would finish Midnight Sun! It would be wonderfull.
Well, All I can do is repeat what you have heard before... but I am going tell you anyway lol. I love the series, I finished it in 4 days. I appreciate the heart and work you put into this. I have never re-read a book til your saga. It's like watching a movie over and over.. I can't get enough. I would also like to praise on The Host. I loved it. I borrowed it from a friend and finished it in a day also. I enjoy the way you translate what you see and feel onto paper. I can see and feel them too. I don't really care what you write next as long as you keep writing!! You have a gift that is for sure! Thank you for such great novel's.

From a loving fan- Addicted

P.S. I support your decision on Midnight Sun. And whatever you decide from here out on the subject, I am sure I will support it. Thank you for being honest!


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