The Twilight Saga

So, I've been wondering what makes Stephenie so special to you!

To me Stephenie is an inspiration. She's such a sweet, humble and down-to-earth person. I've seen loads of her interviews on YouTube and she seems so nice!

She's changed my life with Twilight!

Seriously, her writing is just so awesome. The books are like drugs!

Stephenie, please continue writing! We love you!

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stephanie made me want to pick up a book and read havent felt like i wanted to read for pleasure in a long time so for that i am thank full her writing is amazing. i think she has been blessed with a wonderful gift...
Same here
She and I are alot a like.
She wrote TTS and
She inspired me to become a writer
Its all abt her writing... It seems to me a magic... Or ma b said blck magic.... I love her thinking lines.... Its amazing..or more than that.. I love her..
She is special to me in many many ways. First of all, shes a mom and wife and she could write a book from nowhere.. I mean, this is awesome! And by reading the books i feel all the love that edward and bella share and only a very unique and speacial gifted person would be able to come up with those things! Shes so amaizing! I keep thinking what she means to me and then i come here and found all those people saying the sames things.. She really touch so many people and really change my life. I love my family but wit her i could experiment this love power, you know?
My reason is simply she is the first author in years that totally trapped me in the world that she created. I have never been sucked into a book or series like Twilight did I couldn't put it down. It is not a boring subject!!
there is no words to describe how mush Stephenie is special to me i have never read the same book so many times i love adore and respect her and that is all i can say
I am so in love with Stephenie's work as well! She is a very beautiful woman and a very talented Author! I love her writing style and can't wait for more to come!
I enjoy reading her books very much.Her books are so drug-like that I even read them until 4a.m.When I read her books,I always feels like I am living in the world she created and I were Bella.What's more,she throew optimistic sunshine in the almost pessimistic parts of the whole story.In addition,for me,it helps me improve my English writing skills quite a lot.Some sentences are really beautiful and I feel the enchantment of English language very deeply(I am a Chinese English learner).What makes me admire Stephenie Meyer most is that she does not use a huge number of conjuctions,But she tells the story extremely fluently.Becides, her books made those dull English classes full of pleasure.(I always read her books while taking English classes)
I am a constant reader.I have read classic to comics;and enjoyed both for what they are.What I like most about Ms Meyers is she created this wonderful world and did it without great pretentious (that's big and not neccessary for most of us) words that you have to stop and look up what the heck they mean.Writing is not about trying to outdo the Hemmingways;it's more about speaking the truth as you see it.That's what I like about Stephenie Meyers,her words draw you into the story and make you want to turn the page (holding your breath at times!) to see what happens next.It's very rare for me to find a book and not want to put it down.Most of us agree this is what Twilight Saga did to us! I like the way families can share the love of all things Twi.,you have to admitt the electronic age does seem to pull us into our own being and leaves little time for family.That is the greatest gift she has given us.When I picked up Host,I wasn't sure what to expect.I tell you it to made my mind race ahead with possiblities.That is another gift in these works,she does not define her worlds to the place where the reader has nothing to imagine.Some writters so describe their works as to suck the "what if" right out of them! Lastly,even though I live in the same state as Ms Meyers (in fact only a few miles away),I (like most of you have yet to meet her). She makes you feel like you have met her like a sister or favorite aunt.In sharing her worlds she seems to be smart,witty,sharp and just plain likeable.Believe it or not that is a very rare quality these days.Manors,wit,and knowledge make for a well rounded person.I like that she has shown the younger population that you don't have to be rude to get a point across.I feel she is very much a example of American women,and am very proud to be lucky enough to be a fan.I doubt if she really understands how much she has changed the face of America by just allowing us into her world...THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!


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