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So, I've been wondering what makes Stephenie so special to you!

To me Stephenie is an inspiration. She's such a sweet, humble and down-to-earth person. I've seen loads of her interviews on YouTube and she seems so nice!

She's changed my life with Twilight!

Seriously, her writing is just so awesome. The books are like drugs!

Stephenie, please continue writing! We love you!

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Why I love Stephenie Meyer, part of it is that she's such a sweety, and she loves and takes care of her family while writing such amazing, drug-like books that make you feel like you're right there expereancing it with Bella, but the biggest reason is that she makes me feel like if she can take her dreams(litterally) and make them into something tangeble, and great, then why can't I make mine at least tangeble? The answer, I can! I think that if it weren't for her I would still just have my story in my head, and not be making it into a book right now. I doubt I could EVER be as great a writer as Stephenie, but I know I can be one, and that I'm going to give it my all, and put what I love out there, and share it with everyone I can, just like Stephenie did with the charactores she loved. That's why meeting Stephenie Meyer is one of my biggest dreams.
Vampstresscullen and Sonia!!!

I love your replies. Thanks so much!

You guys rock!
Stephenie is a genius in her own way thats why she is special she took a dream and made it into a story not just a story but an alternate reality for kids as young as 9 or 10 to adults well into their 50s and beyond...Not many writters can capture such a wide audience Im 21 almost 22 and I am obsessed with her work also The Host which is also an amazing novel. I can't even put into words how special she is to me because of her I will always compare men to Edward (Twilight of course) and Ian (The Host) which will most likely keep me single for quite a while never the less she is amazing and wonderful and I wish her all the luck in the world...and truly hope and pray that people will give her the space she needs to work on Midnight sun. Im am a Huge Stephenie Meyer fan I hope Im lucky enough to meet her one day!
Mandi! Thanks for the reply.
I agree with every word you say.

Stephenie truly rocks :)
Yea she does!...Im so addicted to her work i named my beautiful little puppy after one of my favorite characters....Esme!
Awww. That's so sweet, Mandi :)

Thanks for the reply, Bella :)
Kara!!! You are just so right!
I agree, Stephenie is a truly down-to-earth person. She's definately one of the biggest celebs in the world and despite of this she likes to maintain a low profile. She's simply awesome.

Thanks for the reply.
Her ability to write so that it's like your in the book and understand what's going on. Stephanie Meyer is amazing!!
No doubt she is :D
Okay I really want to thank her personally because she has opened up a new place for me I love to read and writ now and before Twilight I hated that now whenever I here we need to write and easy I am so happy (I had a reading delay and because of that I read at a lower level and hated reading but one day my'friend' (Not really)she had a twilight book and was telling people about it and I said that I wanted to read it and she said "Oh I don't know there are a lot of big words in here" and that made me feel bad but she continued she looked threw the book and found a work and pointed to it and said "Read that." I tried but I couldn't she laughed and I asked to read a page and she said " I will read it we don't have all day" that night I cried and told my mom we where getting twilight when i saw how big it was I didn't think I could do it and my mom though I would read 20 pages and get board but I didn't I read it in 3 days and the sags in the same week now I am a die hard Twilight fan and I can't thank her engulf now I am confedint in my reading and I do much better in school! Thanks Stephenie!!

I posted this before
What makes her special? Hmmm, because she created this Novel and then it became an addiction to us. But when she created Twilight, curiosity about fictional characters came into my mind. :-)
she is a great writer finsh writing the 5th twilight saga


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