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It was said that Meyer stole scenes from a book online called The Nocturne. Author Jordan Scott says some of the scenes from Breaking Dawn were taken from her book. She intends to sue Meyer for Copyright ifringament. I don't believe Stephenie stole any ideas what about you?

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oh i think that is totally NOT true
meyer wrote that book and those ideas came from her
im really sure about that
i think that its all a misunderstanding
maybe there are some ideas of that book you say but im sure its not exactly the same maybe meyer made them better
sure there are a lot of books about vampires why exactly that author claims that?
No, I don't think so. You knew from the previous books what was about to happen; it just had a twist with a happy ending. Some people are just jealous of other people's talents.
no I cant believe that, sorry but I dont want to either. I really think she did not do it because look she has a family to take care of like me too, I could not do that to Renesmee.
This is said to not be true! Stephenie wrote on her website that it wasn't true!
i bet the ladys just jealous of stephenies success
i was looking on sites abot this topic and the comments are so mean. like they say that stephenie stole ideas from wuthering heights and romeo & juliet etc.
wow I heard about that also and something about her stealing from the series vampire diaries I hope this isnt true you should never take another writers hard word that`s not right.

I read some articles on this, about the author and some of the reviews, and at the time I heard about this on the news and a copyright lawyer didn't think she had a very solid case because it would have to be legitimate copying of the scenes in the books. And Jordan Scott did say that Stephanie may have read the book (The Nocturne), as a model for her scenes in Breaking Dawn. (which I seriously doubt). So I definitely see why it wasn't true where Stephanie was concerned.

Also, the book (The Nocturne) is a totally different story and while it has vampires in the book, and also wolves, it is nothing like Breaking Dawn; The Nocturne is set in medieval France, while Stephanie's books are set in Forks, Washington. The books do have the love story, though the Nocturne is nothing like Stephanie's books. I read some of the reviews for the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and those who had read the book say that the story was all over the place, and the storyline often gets lost, and a lot of the people also said that it wasn't edited at all. And some don't even know how it was able to be published; and it wasn't formally published by a publishing house like Stephanie's books were, so I think she will have a book that she wrote at 15 be lost in the shuffle, also from one of the articles I read at the time, she said she was currently writing the screenplay for the book.


I cannot believe this!!!! What utter garbage, so one reads a book when younger and a bunch of years later finds the heart to write a book later and then is sued because of "some simularitys!". Well remind me never to write a book, I've read thousands and now if I write or print one any or all of them could be used in this manor! Has anyone ever heard that history is supposed to repeat itself, well, so do "occurances". I've never heard weaker drivel in my life. Weak minded thiefs are in every walk of live, it's just a pure shame that people try to get rich off of someone elses work...maybe they should go read a book instead of wasting everyone's time and Ms.Meyers money sueing for "the hell of it"!!! Please! TELL THAT LAWYER TO GO GET A LIFE!!!

I don't believe so either

horrible! :(


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