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It was said that Meyer stole scenes from a book online called The Nocturne. Author Jordan Scott says some of the scenes from Breaking Dawn were taken from her book. She intends to sue Meyer for Copyright ifringament. I don't believe Stephenie stole any ideas what about you?

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I doubt that Ms. Meyer, a housewife, mom,writer; would have the time to "steal" anything from anyone?!!!

Common ideals can and do happen in plot develoment, after all there are just so many ways a plot can go.

I've had a book of poems and ideals for books for years ( I'm 58 yr old female), out of them there have been]

two movies with simular plots,and several books that followed all or part of what I did get written! Did I go and

sue anyone----NO! I am so sick of people who for the sake of ten min's of fame "sue" someone! People wonder

why real criminals are out and creating havoc--well let's see how about lawsuits that are unfounded and take

up the time and goverments money to deal with! I wish people would just remember to treat others like they

wish to be treated and stop this ""gosh I can sue"" mentality! Hang in there Ms. Meyers and duck when other

throw trash! We your fans know better!

There are so many books about vampiresvin the world. Anyone could make that mistake though i dont think she did!


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