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Hello everyone, I feel that Stephenie Meyer is very talent. She has created a new world that has come to life in the big screen with the Twilight Saga. If in fact she was writing another book Midnight Sun, and someone was foolish enough to post it online. Well that was the person's lost. I do not feel that Stephenie Meyer should stop writing. It would be nice to have yet another book to read. And have another movie to watch with out favorite actors. I would love to see Taylor Lautner in his yet older Jacob Black form. I would love to see Renesmee in her adult form. And it makes me curious as to who actress wise they would pick for that role for a movie. Along with Bella's point of view. Where does Bella go from her forever and forever....Does Bella and Edward move along from Darmount...and so forth for every day is an adventure...but what other things are in store for Bella if they is a way please.....Stephenie contiune to just couldn't hurt to see one more movie either.....

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I agree with you, I think it would be great to see them all in 25 years from now. great to know where everyone would be and see charlie old and how Bella deals with everything. That would be great!!
We can only hope!
I agree I would love to read more about Bella and Edward, I want to see what happens with Renesmee and jacob, please write more
i agree i would love to see the saga continue the ending just kept us all woundering whats next.
I would love to see it continue. We fell in love with these amazing characters she created. I hope her inspiration comes back soon! There is only so many times that I can read all the books before I know them by heart.

i would totaly drop dead if the story continues
You gotta admit it would be awesome. Steph is pretty young, so you never know if she will change her mind.
I know right! dying to know what happens to everyone and how things turn out
Seriously? Every fan who has bothered with Stepanies website (the link is listed at the top of the page if U hover over "Stephanie" U will see the link.) Knows about midnight sun. Anybody who can read between the lines can tell U its obvious that Stephanie suffers from writers block when under pressure, so U can forget about anymore Twilight stories.
hi lena
i am member of the quileute wolf pack group and we already suggested that Stephemie would write a whole new serie about jacob and renesmee we all would love that and hoping for it
I think she may come back to the Twilight world again, God I hope so!!!


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