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we've known carlisle,edward, Rosalie,and jasper's story in most detail.whatever happened to them was very bad as well as good but non of them wanted that fate.
so each of their story was way painful and cannot be(never) compared,but i still wanted to know who do u think had the worst.of course DON'T GET ME WRONG,i just wanted to ask in ur opinion.ITS INCOMPARABLE BUT STILL....................

I THINK ITS CARLISLE-because when he was transformed no one was there to explain him the reason behind the excruciating pain and what he was changing to,and in that mundane situation his abstainace from human blood was mesmerizing,his survival was just a miracle.

next it'll be Rosalie-because she never despise her human form and loves the natural way.what happend to her was horrible but atleast she has someone like carisle,edward and esme to help out

(adding later) Alice-because she doesn't even know her human life its worst that writhing in pain due to vampires venom.her parents even abandoned her in an asylum just because she can see future.thats the most pathetic least the best part was meeting with jasper and getting a lovely family of cullens

next'll be jasper-actually aside from pain,he likes it because it was the same thing to do(millitary and fight stuff)and he did't have to live on animals blood,yes later the environment became difficult but with that power it was easy and alice was also there

last will be edward-at that time he was dying,its true he wanted to be a fighter and do a lot more things in his life but its better to have a life that death(its not about soul).he also didn't abstin from human blood initially

yes i know each have their own justification and their pains are incomparable.sorry

sorry after much complains m adding Alice too,i know its rude of me to ignore her but I've ignored her because we didn't know her whole story in details,but to make amends m adding her too.sorry again

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I would say Rosalie was the worst. Not for her transformation but for the way she was left to die by the man that was to be her husband. For a woman to have to be violated in such a way is inexcusable. She was about to have her dream life. A handsome and rich husband, a big house, and her most important dream to become a mother. Rosalie was shallow and full of herself but no one deserves to have a man force their self on you. He also let his friends have a turn. Sick beyond reason! Then to make matters worse { in her mind anyway at the time } Carlisle of all people found her in that condition. He brought her back to their home where she heard Edward talk about her. These strangers. Carlisle changed her and in that moment her dream of a child died forever. Yes after finding Emmett she was happy some what but she saved him after all because Emmett reminded her of her friend's baby boy. The baby that first made her dream of having her own little boy. Rosalie never got over having that dream ripped from her.
yeah rosalie had the worst but we she could have overcome(at least tried to) it after her transformation but she continued thinking abt her misfortune unlike others,others also had their share of pain and unlike her they didn't pester this situation but have their life go on.think abt carlsile who didn't have anyone to explain to what happen to him,unlike rosalie he was left alone to abandonment alone,he had to recover himself. but i do respect ur answer.thanks : )
Carlisle knew what was happening to him. That is why he found a quiet, dark place to hide. He was being trained my his father to to take his place to fight and destroy vampires. Carlilse went about it more carefully then his father but he still knew about vampires and knew how to kill them and how a bite would change him if he wasn't killed first. It was sad ,very sad ,that he went thru that pain alone but he still knew he was going to become a vampire. Carlisle is amazing to me. He made sure he would save lives instead of take them after he was changed. I wish my father was half the man that Carlisle is before and after his change. As for Rosalie she did the best she could for who she was at the time of her change. Her lose cut her deep. Esme jumped off a cliff when she lost her child. Rosalie never even got the chance to become pregnant. All of their stories are sad but look at all they have done since their change. That is what matters. What you do with what you are given.
yeah all wells that ends well.they have shown a great gesture by abstaining human least after all the hardships they did get their happiness in the form of their partners and a great family.they deserve it.thank u bye : )
Yeah, Rosalie's story made it to the worst happening on the Cullens. And then it'll be Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and the last Edward. It's just my opinion, though, because in how I read, analyzed, and understood the story in the book, that's what I really believe.
of course i respect ur opinion,but don't u think u if something strange happens to u,something which u have no control,something rapid change which u can't fathom,which u have never imagined in ur dreams,and theres no one present in ur vicinity who can explain it to u,u r alone in every respect.then how in the world are u going to survive,u neither can't let the changing happen to u and roam as if nothing happen nor u have anyone to share abt the bizarre thing happening to u.u r in complete dark,a black hole so intense thats converting ur whole personality.thats what happened to Carlisle,and in Rosalie case i won't never in my life deny the fact she has a little less pain than Carlisle but she had someone,someone so nice as the Cullen family to at least console her in her time of least later she can understand what happened to her.but i think each Cullen had the worst in their own way.but if rating is done i'll put Carlisle in first.sorry if u don't think like mine but as i said i really respect ur opinion.thank u: )
I'm just gonna say this- Rosalie has pain that nearly justifies her b****iness to Bella. She got all of her dreams ripped from her- after abuse.
um..language plz.yeah of course what happened to her is very much excruciating,she doesn't want Bella to leave all those opportunities and things she longs to posses that's why she's all edgy towards Bella.
I think Rosalie was the worst also. She had all of her dreams wripped away from her by the man that was supposed to love her. I can't think of anything worse than what she went through the night she was turned into a vampire by Carlisle. I really felt for her after reading her whole story in Eclipse. Yes, she was arrogant and vain when she was human, but that had a lot to do with the way she was raised. She was raised to believe that she was more beautiful and better than everyone else around her. She was also raised to believe that she could get any man she wanted just by batting her eyelashes. But she didn't deserve what happened to her at all and be left to die by her fiance. I can see why she reacted to Bella wanting to be a vampire the way she did. Rosalie was never asked what she wanted by anybody and she wants to make sure that Bella makes the right choice.
of course u are so correct,who care how she was raise,she's a human and she and no has a right to take away her life until the last day.i think its really biased for me to put rating on the sufferings of Cullen,i didn't meant to.every Cullen i thinks has their own sufferings.young ladies might have more sympathy to Rosalie,mother must have more sympathy toward Esme,its the thinking which matter but if critically seen i think Carlisle has the worst because if u dunno whats happening,u r in dark and no ones their to explain it to u,its worst,at least others had someone besides them,someone who cares for them when they were suffering. : )thanks
I would say Alice
she dosen't know who she was or where did she come from, she opened her eyes to realize that she was a monster and without her visions she would've gone totally savage............ I guess it's extremely painful not to have memories at all
hey i think no memories is better than memories so bad.which parent let go of their child in mental asylum just because she can see something which may not be explain at least they could've treated her,and waited for her to grow.that is so cruel.: (


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