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we've known carlisle,edward, Rosalie,and jasper's story in most detail.whatever happened to them was very bad as well as good but non of them wanted that fate.
so each of their story was way painful and cannot be(never) compared,but i still wanted to know who do u think had the worst.of course DON'T GET ME WRONG,i just wanted to ask in ur opinion.ITS INCOMPARABLE BUT STILL....................

I THINK ITS CARLISLE-because when he was transformed no one was there to explain him the reason behind the excruciating pain and what he was changing to,and in that mundane situation his abstainace from human blood was mesmerizing,his survival was just a miracle.

next it'll be Rosalie-because she never despise her human form and loves the natural way.what happend to her was horrible but atleast she has someone like carisle,edward and esme to help out

(adding later) Alice-because she doesn't even know her human life its worst that writhing in pain due to vampires venom.her parents even abandoned her in an asylum just because she can see future.thats the most pathetic least the best part was meeting with jasper and getting a lovely family of cullens

next'll be jasper-actually aside from pain,he likes it because it was the same thing to do(millitary and fight stuff)and he did't have to live on animals blood,yes later the environment became difficult but with that power it was easy and alice was also there

last will be edward-at that time he was dying,its true he wanted to be a fighter and do a lot more things in his life but its better to have a life that death(its not about soul).he also didn't abstin from human blood initially

yes i know each have their own justification and their pains are incomparable.sorry

sorry after much complains m adding Alice too,i know its rude of me to ignore her but I've ignored her because we didn't know her whole story in details,but to make amends m adding her too.sorry again

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i luv 'ur topic it's a good topic 4 twilight! luv, star...
thank u very much.: )
I agree with majority of the peeps here. I'd say Rosalie. I feel her pain and understand why she can be so vindictive. To be left for dead by someone who you were going to committ yourself to is . . . I can't even imagine it. I'm so upset and mad for her. And also, to have your friends . . . no, I can't even go there.

Next I think would be Carlisle. Because he was just about to die. If the vampire didn't get distracted, that's how Carlisle would have died.

I'd say Emmett is next. I wouldn't want to be mauled by a bear.

Then I'd say Edward. Because he was near dying from something he couldn't control either-being sick. I hate being sick and to have it amplified to the point of causing you death? *shakes head* Don't want to think about that.

Next would be Jaz and Esme. You see, Esme chose her faith. She was committing suicide when Carlisle found her. I know that some people would call me insensitive, but Esme was somewhat prepared for pain. She made the choice and jumped. The pain of loosing a loved one-especially a child, I can understand, but there are also ways to heal from that greif. Instead, she chose to jump. Jaz didn't have too bad of a time. He wasn't being hurt or anything when Maria changed him. His life afterwards would be something to consider though. Especially with the talent of feeling how other's feel and to control it a bit. I wouldn't want to experiance that fear, panick, and pain before biting someone.

Lastly would be Alice. I say her story last because, to be honest, I don't think she felt any real pain-aside from the venom. I mean, think about it a bit. She didn't have any memories of her human life because she was in a psych ward for seeing the future. I'd say that was painful-except she couldn't remember it.Then, next thing she knew, she was a vampire. Then, she found her mate-Jaz, and then adopted a wonderful family-the Cullens. So she really didn't have time to greive or feel bad for herself. Unlike the others.
I think that Jasper suffered a lot but he doesn't make it that obvious.
i agree with u i thnk in tht exact order bt u 4got esme i thnk she is last so the order u hav thm in and esme last


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