The Twilight Saga

I personally do not like to think about this too often,life without Twilight.What if Stephenie never dreamt of the famous meadow scene that started it all off.What if she did dream it but passed it off as just another dream.What if she never got curious and wrote about it.

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Thats a good quiestion. I think that I would have been talking on the phone to my friends and watching TV all day. I would say thats to bad that someone couldn't make a good fiction book.
Well I think we whould not be here. we wouldn't have read the book, seen the movies, we whould have wasted our time on something eles.somrthing stupid
We wouldn't be the obsessed Twihard Diehard Fanpire Twilighter fangirls we are today!
Lets thank god for Twilight. For he gave us "Dreams" :D
THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:( So sad without our dear Edward! I cannot imagine. I love the books soooo much,
well, if that's the case, then, we? we all get back ourselves to normal like you know, normal hobbies and not frightening obsessions...LOL. I would not sink myself personally on vampire books. I would not be this addicted to Internet (I think) . I would still find watching TV interesting and I would not be a bookworm and crazy...


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