The Twilight Saga

ok i know most of them(may be all) will say twilight saga.but i want to know what is your top 5 or 3 vampire books.i've yet to read 5 books so mine is like this
1-the twilight saga
2-morganville vampires
3-mediator series
4-the vampire academy
5-the vampire chronicles
do u think the "vampire diaries" is good i kinda started it but i didn't like Elena(i think that's her name)

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i think i'm just getting into all of that stuff. i don't know 2 think. how is all of it? star.
Twilight saga it is the only non pix book I have read by choice (Ya I know crazy) well I had a reading delay and I read at a lower level and hated it but well if you want the whole story

previous comment just read the whole thing to here how it changed me

Okay I really want to thank her personally because she has opened up a new place foe me I love to read and writ now and before Twilight I hated that now whenever I here we need to write and easy I am so happy (I had a reading delay and because of that I read at a lower level and hated reading but one day my 'friend' (Not really)she had a twilight book and was telling people about it and I said that I wanted to read it and she said "Oh I don't know there are a lot of big words in here" and that made me feel bad but she continued she looked threw the book and found a work and pointed to it and said "Read that." I tried but I couldn't she laughed and I asked to read a page and she said " I will read it we don't have all day" that night I cried and told my mom we where getting twilight when i saw how big it was I didn't think I could do it and my mom though I would read 20 pages and get board but I didn't I read it in 3 days and the sags in the same week now I am a die hard Twilight fan and I can't thank her engulf now I am confedint in my reading and I do much better in school! Thanks Stephenie!!
hey good for u.well as a die-hard-twi-fan and friend of urs i can only say m proud of u and well ppl can take ur example.u've shown a great feat to those who think voluminous books are boring and can only be read by great scholars and nerds.well now are u prepared to read other great books????good luck: )
Twilight Saga, it has all the emotions and physical, and emotional feelings. But I am also interested to read Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice. But promise, I am loyal to Twilight Saga! :-)
I am loyal to the twilight saga but, Anne Rice's book Interview with the vimpire was great
The classic, Dracula by Bram Stoker was an interesting read because it was written in journal entry form. I haven't read other vampire stories besides that one and the twi saga because I'm not interested in a lot of gore. If anyone has something to recommend, I'd love to hear it too!! :)
besides twilight? oh god idk i love a good vampire story. lets see...

House of night is a GREAT series. a little inaporpriat tho

The Vampire Diaries i think i liked more than twilight (if i did it isnt by much) The plot was more unpredictable.

Vampire kisses series is good too. the only thing i dont like is that she follows to many vampire stereo types. Like fangs, turns into a bat, garlic, cant see themselfs in a mirror... but a good romance (without gore)
yeah i watched true blood and i really like it and i've already completed first book and heading for second.thanks so much: )
vampire beach???? i've never heard of it.what's it abt.lemme go and check the book.hey thanks a bunch,i was looking for new vampire sagas.: )
why??? m dead sure u must like twi saga.and what else???
The twiligh saga :X:X:X
i think the twilight saga, nd specially breaking down!!! nd u guys??? lol


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