The Twilight Saga

some of my friends hate when i mention anything about twilight it's like then don't join the discussion i'm having

p.s. thanks everyone for all your responses (when will our friends ever learn?)

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Ya same here they are always like, OMG shut up about bella or who ever she is and definetly Edward-o,...I get upset when they say edward-o...=(
My friends cant stand my addiction a boy in my school said Edward was gay so hit him where it hurts so hard he cried 4 ages n i got in big trouble now its just a banned convo.
I would have done that 2, the boys in my school dont like it either always making fun of how he looks in the film, My friends like it but dont like going on bout it as much as me, im always told 2 shut up
whoa...that's intense! wish i could do that to some of the guys who've said that to me lol

pretty much everyone I know hates twilight and their all like "its gay"

I used to hit them but know I just ignore them

someone said something similar to that so I scratched them with me nails and it made them bleed profusely. they still have a scar but they definitely deserve it. 

i no my friends just dont understand my obseesion
it's like an addiction
i cant go one day without reading or watching something to do with twilight
my mates are always like omg just shut the hell up about it and so i usually hit them or argue with them about it but then it all blows oer and then stars again
every night i have to read a little bit of one of the books befor i can sleep:]

yeah me too....

i totally agree. all my frnds hate twilight but dey nvr read da book so im always like u dnt understand!
I would definetely say better than Harry Potter. No offense to JK Rowling, she is a good writer and all, but Harry just cannot compete against Twilight.
My best mate is also an addict so we talk about it a lot, but my boy mates get very annoyed!


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