The Twilight Saga

Do you think warewolfs and vampires exist???
Think about it. they are just "people" but living in OUR world.
For all we know. They could!

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sadly yes ~ haaha xD
that is why i want to visit forks someday :P
vampires r real and i know 4 sure because i am one but its not what u think i dont gittler in the sun or anything like that but i am a vampire if u have any qustions about the life of on let me know nd i will tell u whatever u want to know

Thank You For Your Time
4 real?? add me!! i got questions!!

hey ur a REAL vampire??

plz add me i hav TONZ of Questionz

tanx :)

I really want to be a vampire


I'll come with you!! <3

I wanna go tooo!

yeah me too i do think they exist.... and i also want to visit forks... it would totally be awsome if i find a coven there that would wana change me...

yes they do i am one we dont sparkle though

as much as i wish they did
they dont
I think they do!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to become a vampire. Imagine being able to live until life ended or so. Then being able to run fast, be strong, look hot at the same time. I would love too


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