The Twilight Saga

I keep finding links to Twilight everywhere!! it always pops up in converations, like we were talking about Krypton in chemistry, or someone is called Edward, even when we were studying chromosomes in biology!
does anyone else get this too?

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Yesssssss Definatelyyy alwayz happenz to mee
Me and my mates are talking about not growing old and staying the same age forever and then i say " wish edward was real so he can bite us nd we we wud be the same age forever" loool
we talking about mammals nd wolves nd then jacob and his pack comes to mind
its just everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
its never gna stoppp!!!!
nd im luvin every bit of itt!!
Yeps! Thought I was the only one! It's turning into obsession...
EVERYWHERE and I love it. I hope it never stops
My friends and I were talking about push up bra' wonder how this ties in with Twilight correct? Your thinking this is not going to be serious and you are thinking no way do push up bra's relate to Twilight...Without thinking I said "I wonder which one Edward would like." I said this. In a dressing room. At TJ Max. Other people besides my friends heard me. I was mortified. My friends have never let me live it down.
Yes if you love twilight alot everything you think or say links to twilight.
Yep, the same thing happens to me. A lot.


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