The Twilight Saga

Personally, I have to admit Taylor's body was FINE!! But RPattz is just so much more gorgeous!!!!!! <3

What do you think?????

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niether! carlisle rulez!
yes...carlisle is so pretty and so....i don't nkow ..sympathetic and tender ... but edward is the best... he is so nice , beatiful ,tender, perfect.. he is a perfect gentleman
Taylor's body is SO FINE but i pick RPattz.
edward in the book, jacob in the movie. for some reason, in the movies, jacob makes me feel really sad for him, but in the books, he annoys me. everyone on this is judging by the looks, but if edward was as good looking as the books describe him, it would be so much better. (:
but for now, im switzerland cause i know everything works out fine in the end (:

btw, taylor lautner is a total baaaabe, rob can be okay at times... sorta. (:

at the movies in new moon, when jacob took his shirt off, everyone in the cinema cheered, when edward took his off, everyone went silent. i laughed.
Everyone went silent because they were in total awe at Rob's body!
Last time, he didn't have the sixpack!! :D :D
i agree about jacob being annoying in the book....
I dont pick for their looks, I would say Edward just because he has a better judgement of what is best for Bella. I think that Jaob dose love her he just dosn't always think about whats best for her.

-Kaylee Rae
Jacob all the way babay!!!!! yeah first of all Edwards to old and Jacob is more beautiful than wordz can describe!?!?
i have to agree jacob might be hot but edward im lost for words!
Taylor is cute but He is average. ROBERT PATTINSON is sexy and he owns twilight Taylor can easliy be replaced
soooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!


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