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Ok there's a bunch of girls that are like "OME I love Robert Pattinson!!!" I am not one of those girls. I love Edward Cullen not some actor that plays him. But dont get me wrong I think Rob did a fantastic job as Edward. I love him in the movie, BUT not in real life. He's just a crazy drunk that parties in real life. Sorry 4 to all the Robert Lovers out there!


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i completely agree with you!!! everyones always like they love edward and rob and blah blah but edward and rob are two completely different people. i love edward cullen but sadly he is fictional =( rob is very rude and constantly drunk and he is terrible in interviews. in one, someone asked him how he replied to people who asked him to marry the or that they wanted to have his baby or whatever and eh said it depended on how they looked and he was never having kinds because he hates kids. rob is good as edward but as a person he isn't really somebody i would fall for edward cullen on the other hand.....=)
Exactly. But he did a great job as Edward. Big difference! I'm glad someone agrees with me!
I compleatly love edward cullen not rob but edward...
i have oed
Dissorder about OCD...Obsessive Cullen Disorder!!!
lol i thought that interview was hilarious!!
i agree that edward and rob are two different people rob is like a goofball and a little imature because he is still young but edward is more mature because he is like 108 years old but istill love both those 2 diffrrent people
Personally i don't like roberts life choices but he is majorly hott! edward i love, not robert who is just an extremely gorgeous face.
Thats my way of life. ha ha ha
don't get me wrong...rob is so HOTT!!! =)
Rob is hot when he has make up that makes him look like edward cullen
especially his hair.
omg i hate his hair in real life but i love it in the movie
YES!!! he makes an excellent Cullen. But whenever I see him in an interview I scream at my TV " SOMEONE PLZ GET HIM A HAIR STYLIST!!!!"
i agree about the hair!! in the movie it`s great!! and his skin is so pale!! but in real life he still has prety face but GOD the hair ... he should take some tips from his twilight stylist.
PS:he so HOT in the movie!!!


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