The Twilight Saga

seriously i need someone to relate to! lol

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Hey Ariel, I too am in love wit Carlisle....he is awsome and Hot
yea i know right?? all my friends lik edward and jacob and think i'm insane
I like Jacob too, but I really like Carlisle 2, i like them in the bks and the movies.
You aren't alone. lol
thanx its nice to kno that i'm not the only one! lik i said my friends think i'm insane for lovin him ! lol
i am! :)) he is so hott in the movie and amazing in the books :D
thanx i LOVE him and my friends think im insane cuz they luv jb
He is so hot
actually i love him coz he's Edward's father....i don't want Esme to be mad at me...but he's hot
He my second fave character of the series. So calm and understanding makes him so hott
carlisle is cute.

he's pretty good looking but im not in love with him


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