The Twilight Saga

Dont get me wrong, the book was fabulous! I think the movie was just to....."comedy central." Cathrine Hardwick deserves to direct BD (Breaking Dawn), and I hope they allow her to. Does any1 agree?

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yea the book is awesome but ive never seen the movie
The movie was a little commercial but I enjoyed every minute of it twilight was much better
i agree they both should get 2 movies a peice or they both should make all 4 movies and see wose movie was the best personally i wouldn't mind but NM was good and i really liked it and twilight was good too but me being Alive you no i like the books better it kept me occupied and wanting more every time i finnished a book. Like i feel to upsest with twilight i read the saga 5 tymes im in love with vampires but adore wolfs and i talk about twilight every day. so to me as long as there is a twilight saga im happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i see every ones comments and to each her/his own as bella would say
Both movies had a bit of comedy in them. They were both pretty even but New Moon had an edge to it. I like that they have some very clever jokes in them, it just makes it slightly lighter and nicer to watch. Both movies have different reasons for being great, they are very different as are the books really Twilight is more sweet and gently romantic, but New Moon is more action packed and passionately romantic.

So really it all depends on what you like personally.
To me the movie didnt follow the main theme of NM...but thats my opinion...Edward waz seen way to many times to notice he was really, really gone. & the comedy WASNT written in the book.


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