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Does ur school ban Twilight or is it just my school? They banned it because it talks about kissing... and vampires... but they let us read other vampire books... and other kissing books ( even though only a few people read them... )

BTW! Really important, I'm talking about them not putting it in the library, we're allowed to read it, but only if we borrow it from a different library ( almost impossible ) or if you own it ( trying to find a bookstore with it though is hard ) It's not the librarian or the principal or VPs fault, it's our stupid schoolboard. And we're in 6th grade elem. school BTW.

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they banned twilight!!! wait does that mean you just can't read it or you can't read it or talk about or wear twilight clothing?
i couldn't go to that school
Well we have standard dress so we can't wear Twilight t-shirts. But we can still bring it to school, they just won't put it in the library because it talks about kissing and vampires. I think the standard dress is stupid. I WANNA WEAR MY TWILIGHT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!! : (
yeah you should be able to wear what you want do you go to a catholic school or something cause those schools usually make you wear uniforms
No it's not catholic. I'm christian so I should know. And it's because we got jerks for 6th graders 3 years ago that kept on wearing mini skirts and sagging and those were against the rules. And then others were bagging on other peoples clothes ao then we got a new principal and she thought that standard dress would stop them, but it doesn't cuz they still find ways to make other people like me, and me, think that the school is a annoying place and want to graduate before we lose our minds! Or before we snap and go into hysterics and have to go to a padded room so we can calm down. Anyway, most of the people are jerks and I'll finally get away from them after this year.
i know what you mean we have uniforms and i cant even wear my twilight shirts either
yeah me too....i think we all twilight obsessed should say that demolished that school...they coudn't make that rules....coz we rule....
4 me we just cant have books 3, and 4 cuz of obbvious reasons
book 3 wasnt THAT bad it was just violent!
HaHa The Sex? Well That's Dumb For Banning The Third One...
Yeah, but the school thinks we shouldn't read about that stuff. To bad! I've already read it twice! Jeez, what're they gonna do, take the books away from us, they can't do that!
Why the 3rd one? It just has mild violence, nothing that serious.
my school to its soooo anoying all my friend r reading them and they cnt read them at scool


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