The Twilight Saga

Does ur school ban Twilight or is it just my school? They banned it because it talks about kissing... and vampires... but they let us read other vampire books... and other kissing books ( even though only a few people read them... )

BTW! Really important, I'm talking about them not putting it in the library, we're allowed to read it, but only if we borrow it from a different library ( almost impossible ) or if you own it ( trying to find a bookstore with it though is hard ) It's not the librarian or the principal or VPs fault, it's our stupid schoolboard. And we're in 6th grade elem. school BTW.

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Wow. My school like revolves around twilight. You either love it or hate it. And my librarian loves twilight also!
And your in sixth grade? Dont you get like Sex Ed in grade 5?

They have not right to do that they cannot single out anybook for reasons. in my school libray we have books about sex like no joke so like they think twilight is bad!!!!HA THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PPL AT MY SCHOOL ARE LIKE lol they would just about die hahahahahaha people are stupid
My school banned Twilight FOREVER! :(
No books , tee shirts NOTHING! iI wanna wear my TWILIGHT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we would win. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
oh my freakin gosh why the hell would someone ban TWILIGHT!!!!?
ome what thts not fair.and alot of classic books have kissing .what are they going to bane romeo and juliet too?!
My school is very entusiastic about Twilight, at my school they hav a list of novels you should read to pass the the whole schools year, Twilight saga is listed on it. My school has all of them, but as ppl hav stated its hard to find them in the store and at the library, little kids cant check out that book anyway, they would take months to finish reading 5 pages.
i was just in elm school and they did not band it only i tec would not let us read and i was not in her class so it does not matter and she was reading it but she wuld not let her kids read in her class stupid
Well thats stupid!I'm in middle school and they don't have anything against twilight so im pretty much good.but thats really stupid!:/

I agree we have twilight at my school and noone has a problem wih tit I mean they get annoyed when thats all we talk about but I mean were twi-aholics and we dont want the cure to our obsession


what is really bad is that i am the only one to like/love twilight in my whole school of three hundred kids it is middle school


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