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Does ur school ban Twilight or is it just my school? They banned it because it talks about kissing... and vampires... but they let us read other vampire books... and other kissing books ( even though only a few people read them... )

BTW! Really important, I'm talking about them not putting it in the library, we're allowed to read it, but only if we borrow it from a different library ( almost impossible ) or if you own it ( trying to find a bookstore with it though is hard ) It's not the librarian or the principal or VPs fault, it's our stupid schoolboard. And we're in 6th grade elem. school BTW.

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Okay that's a really stupid rule! I mean who bans Twilight?!?
i would hate to have to go to a skool tat bans Twilight
My school doesn't have Twilight in the library either but there is no specific ban, they just don't want people hiding the book, we are allowed to bring the Twilight books and wear the merchandise and talk about it. Our school is pro-Twilight :)

My school hasn't banned twilight, because there were actually only 3 ppl who liked it the BOOKS AND MOVIES and not just Taylor Lautner's abs.

*and two of those people just graduated, so, it's just me now, sigh*

Whaaaaaaaat? That's kinda pointless if they let you read other similar books :P It's a really nice story and I don't think they should ban it D:
How rude! You can buy it though at Barnes and Nobles. And it is at the Clarence Library. But that is terrible. They have it at my school.
WHAT?!?! Well, guess that means war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am not going to school! Hello home schooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no reason to ban it! There is nothing really bad in those books!
If I went to your school, I would go to the Schoolboard and tell them off! I would break those stupid rules and have Twilight everywhere I go!! I could never go to that school. I talk about Twilight everyday, I have a Twilight Locker, I turned my friends into Twihards, Twilight is almost my whole life and they can't take that away. I don't care if they suspended me, because Twilight isn't bad. Kissing and Vampires, there's nothing wrong with that.

my school banned it too i know its catholic but it allows all other vampire and werewolf books

I live in the UK as far as I know the haven't banned it in any of the public schools here .

I can't see why the would since they are teaching Sex Ed to 10 year olds now !

The teachers don't care what we read as long as we are reading something !
I have to wear a uniform so I don't get to wear any of my twilight hoodies and t shirts though ! : (

thats rediculous seriously uor school has what my mother doesnt know now that is an inapropriate book I mean they can't stop you from reading it thank god butt still I would die casue I dont have my own copy I really feel sorry for you

that stinks. feel for ya


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