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Does ur school ban Twilight or is it just my school? They banned it because it talks about kissing... and vampires... but they let us read other vampire books... and other kissing books ( even though only a few people read them... )

BTW! Really important, I'm talking about them not putting it in the library, we're allowed to read it, but only if we borrow it from a different library ( almost impossible ) or if you own it ( trying to find a bookstore with it though is hard ) It's not the librarian or the principal or VPs fault, it's our stupid schoolboard. And we're in 6th grade elem. school BTW.

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I feel sry for you I would litterally die with out twilight I dont know how I lived 11 years without it


No offence but what's wrong with your school?...That's really wierd that they banned it,what a bunch of wierdos. and EVERY bookstore I've been in sells the books so how can you not find them? Or you could order them online.
well the fact that they banned it is pretty stupid i have to agree w/ u there. its also weird that they let u read other vamp stuff - that is most likely not going to be as clean as twilight...i mean lets face there is nothing like twilight - btw, thats a good thing. lol. but if u think about it, its suppose to be a teen and young adult novel(s) so if u look at it that way its a little bit easire to understand. how come it's hard to find it in stores? twilight is everywhere here! (anywhere we go twilight stuff is there - even at the grocery stores! - it's like a twilight heaven! lol) <3
that stinks. i'm homeschooled so i don't have a problem with it at school. :) i'm a Christian too. and i do run into issues with twilight at my youth group. i don't wear clothing with twilight on it, but all the other kids know that my sister and i like it and they slam it/us ALL the time. it's starting to get annoying. i mean, why can't i think something and you think something else without causeing all this hullabaloo?! i like it, big deal, now get over it and leave me alone! you know?
i'm the type of person that tries to keep the peace and get along with people, so if there's a topic that is touchy with certain people, i just don't bring it up around them. end of story. no big deal. but for some reason, other people can't see it the way i do. :s oh well.

do any of you have a similar situation? with family or friends or anything?
My librarian won't put even the first book in the library even though she read it and said it isn't really that bad
thats rediculous!!!

we are allowed it in our library or should i say LRC (learning resorce centre) before i get shot for using the incorrect term :L

we may be allowed twilight books but our school is also very pathetic! we also have to wear uniform - teal and cirus euck!!!
What sort of insane person would ban Twilight ? My mother tries once, but I said it expanded my knowledge about different things :P It worked :)
OMG that is so evil. I mean, EVIL. How could someone ban the best book in the world? My school voted it the Best Page Turner. Like, the adults did. I just can't believe you school could ban it. You should send around a petition.
HOW UNFAIR! my school has only Twilight and New Moon! No eclipse or breaking dawn!
my school has no CLUE what twilight is!!!!
and if they did no what it is then they would probably ban it school is soooo stict....and when i say strict i really do mean's stupid actually cuz all the ppl at my school (with the exception of my best friend,and a couple of my guy freinds) r incredibly dumb......we cant wear slippers,we have UNIFORMS,we have to leave r phones off at all times,were NOT allowed to bring ipods onto campus,and just recently i got busted for doing something i did do but the teaches blew it WAAYYY out of proportion!!!!ugghhh!!!pllzz if anyone has a more strict school than mine....reply to this....
my elm. school didnt put it in the library because they said it should be the parents choice, but my middle school has about 7 copies of eacch book in our library. we have a library im actually proud of, we have alot of good books. : )


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