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Omg yes people Stephinie Meyer is making a spin-off about jake and nessie!Not that much Information about it was told but all I know is it womt be out or even started for a WHILE, only because of a book shes writing now about something else sci-fi. When I found out I was LITTERALLY JUMPING OFF WALLS. So what to you think about Stephinies New Book!?


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I don't think she actually confirmed a spinoff -- she only said that "there's a chance" she'd go back into Twilight. I don't see why an article was written for something so indefinite.


Regardless, I'm not sure how I feel about a series like that, but I'll read it if it comes out. Of course, a finished version of Midnight Sun would be even nicer...

Click the tag above may be right I could have read it wrong

I looked up the article -- the link in the tag doesn't work. ^^;;;


Anyway, yeah. But it sure would be cool if it did happen! I just hope she's ready to write it -- she said recently that she wasn't in a "vampire mood" so if she tried to foce it, it may not come out as well...

yeah I see what you mean but shes writting some other book so if she was going to write it she wouldnt start for a while


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