The Twilight Saga

I put alot of tought into which team i was going to be. i thought of all kinds of people when i read the books, but my crush reminded me of edward. So, i was sold! i guess i COULD go a different way, but i WON'T!! I'm obessed with edward! i totally forgot about my crush! lol!

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TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!<3

Beautiful picture!!!! My new FB pic!!

I usually don't find R Pattz good looking...

but this picture is amazing!


This soooo awesome!!! pepople are actually commenting!!! thanks guys!!! keep them coming!!
Im swiz. personally i belive that only swiz ppl r true twihards because they cant pic between the two best men in the world.
I have to disagree, I am a twihard and i am TEAM EDWARD!

I love them both.


Edward is sweet and amazing. I am absolutely in love with him.

'Nuff said.


But JACOB, well, he's something else. :)

He's the ideal best friend. And he doesn't give up on Bella, ever.

His good looks just add to the greatness. :)


So, I guess I'm team Switz.


But at the end of the day, I'm really TEAM SETH.



I mean, i like jacob aside form the fact that he hates edward. I think that if he was a bit more caring for bella's feelings for edward, then i would like hime more!!


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