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I put alot of tought into which team i was going to be. i thought of all kinds of people when i read the books, but my crush reminded me of edward. So, i was sold! i guess i COULD go a different way, but i WON'T!! I'm obessed with edward! i totally forgot about my crush! lol!

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I am completely team Jacob....He is hot, sweet and makes me wanna faint.
i thought u said u were in love with carlisle! i confused
Kinda Team Switzerland...But I am in love with Edward! :D
so with you there, exept for the loving part cause im not gay....

WOW!!! Lmbo!!

I'm team Switzerland. But, u could also say team edward, cuz jacob ends up on team edward in Breaking Dawn. When he imprints on Nessie.
I am team switz but I like Edward a little more because he always is thinking about Bella and I think Jacob makes a better friend.

-Kaylee Rae
Friend Wise. yea, he is ok. But romantic wise he is STUPID!! I think!
I am compleetly devouted to team edward.
team jacob..because he is fun not like edward
how is Jacob more fun than Edward?
I would love to know that too!!!! Edward is funn!!! :D He just has his own verision of funn!!! not like Jacob's stupid fun!!


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