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ok so last night i read the part of New Moon where Edward leaves. I got so mad and up set that i started yelling and crying. I ended up throwing the book across the room and it hit the wall and nocked something down on the other side of the wall. I was crying so hard.... now that i think about it it really is pathetic. But i just can't stand the thought of Bella living without Edward.

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I did kind of the same thing, exept that i didn't throwing the book, i don't hit the books... once i convinced a friend of reading twilight (too bad she didn't like it) and she nearly fall, the book fall but she didn't and i was all "poor book it just hit the ground," insted of, "are u all right?" to my friend, and she got mad at me, lol... but it will end fine dont worry
same thing happened here i started crying in tha middle of school, it was embarrasing
i didnt thro tha book tho i couldnt do that
don't worry i was crying when i read it too i didn't even realise i was because i was so into the book until a tear fell on the page
that is how i was
When I first read New Moon u did not have the book so I was reading in my computer (about when Edward left bella) and I started to hit the computer so hard that I thought I brok it and then I stated crying for a long time, I continue to read but before I just sckip to the part that Edward came back to be sure that he was coming back and I whent back to read were I left it.
You're not alone there. I didn't throw the book (a lot of my friends did), but I sure as heck did start crying! I was like, bawling!
i cried 2! ( ididnt throw the book tho... 2 precious!) but if u skip it, u will regret it! it makes up sooooo much of it!
I started crying my eyes out at that part and i yelled at the book but kept reading couse i had to find out if he came back.
ive read it five times and i cry and scream and yell every time. one time my dad took it away and he said " i only get to see you every once in a while and you cant read this at my house anymore if its gunna make you cry and be depressed." lol


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