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I've had serious trouble concentrating on other books, movie, songs, tv shows,ect., since I read twilight. I always find some way to relate everything to Twilight and then u quit thinking about the book ur reading or watever and start thinking about Twilight. some of my friends have the same problem so i was just wondering if we were insane or what? lol

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Yes of course!!!!!!! Your not alone!!!!!!! Im totally obsesssed!! I haven't read any other books besides the twilight saga n like a year!! its really sad!!!
OME i totally have the same prob you're not alone i tried reading other books like the newest book in this series i read pre twilight called the clique and it had a twilight referance in it and i just lost it
haha its sooooo distracting! like in history we were talking about pioneer times or watever and im like omg carlisle was alive then!!!!!!!!!
hahaha lol
I know, my friends make fun of me for being overly obsessed with Twilight, and so does my family.

(There's an Isle Esme?)
i think it off the cost of cuba or something like that
i have been able to read other books but compared to the twilight saga there all pathetic. i have found another series of books called the house of night series (the first one is called marked). i can read it but cuz its about vampires i cant stop relating it to the twilight saga.
Im totally obsessed, I cant think of anything but Twilight, I will always find a way to relate what im doing to one of the characters or something, i dont even mean to! I listen to songs and think the words would be good to describe edward and bellas relationship or something, its so sad, i know, but i cant help it!
i know what your saying its sooo weird
I always relate songs to twilight i can't help it music will never be the same for me
Oh ya I can nvr stop thinking about twilight, I'm getting new moon today, and I borrowed eclpise from a freind and I just wanna read em all so I can get ovr it...wich i probaley nvr will...
i know i thought maybe if i re-read them it would be beter its not!!!!


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