The Twilight Saga

What have you done that makes you the ultimate Twilight saga fan???
Have you met any of the cast?
Been to the premiere?
Read the books 100 times?

We wanna know!!!

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I won a comp to go to L.A with love film to interview kristen, Robert and Taylor :) I also went to the eclipse premier with my bestfriend :) I didnt just wait outside I got to go in because of the comp :) x I am team Edward all the way and I have read all books like 100 times :D
Iv'e Read All Of The Books I Don't Know How Many Times..
I Have All Pictures/ Posters/ Postcards...
I Get The Weekly Twilight Magazine...
I Have The umberella, Bed Covers, Alice's Choker, Key Rings, Phone Sock
I Have Twilight & New Moon On DVD
I Have All Of The Soundtracks
All Of Them Are Saved As My Playlist
I Talk About Twilight Everyday & Constantly Use Quotes (Which Annoys My Boyfriend)
I Say I Wanna Be A Vampire Like All The Time
Soo I Could Pretty Much Say Im An Obsessed Twilight Fan xx

I have a Twilight Locker, I fought my brother about Twilight, I snuck on the computer just to look at Twilight things when I was grounded, I watched Twilight (22 times), New Moon (10 times) and Eclipse (9 times), I talk/relate to Twilight everyday, wherever I am, I write Twilight ff, I have a Twilight room, I have all the movies, every time one of the Twilight movies comes on I watch and record it (even though I have them on DVD), I made my whole family watch Twilight with me, I have read all the books, I research Twilight, I think/talk/dream about Twilight. I tell people that I'm a Vampire and I used to ask them can I bite them, I constantly listen to the soundtracks, I turned my friends into Twihards, I draw Twilight things in Art Class (like the Twilight Saga Book Cover), I have a Twilight Saga Scrapbook, I have the Twilight full Script that I read. I've been a Vampire for 3 years for Halloween, I say quotes in the books/movies by heart, I have so many pictures of Twilight pics, I make Twilight mini cut outs of the Characters, my friends try to make me stop being obsessed/addicted to Twilight, even my parents and my brother try to stop me from being obsessed but I can't let Twilight go. I LOVE TWILIGHT 4EVER!!!!!

I have a twilight/edward locker my friends sometimes ignore me when i talk about twilight my mom finds out when i sneek on the computer to look up twilight stuff i have read the books like 100000000000 times (i dont een know if its a real number lol) i have the graphic novels the official guide twilight notebooks i bring my books to school and read my favorite parts in independant reading i forced my sisters to watch the movies and my mom has threatened to rip and throw away my books if she catches me reading them again that is why i read them at school i have twilight blankets and a twilight room ps i am robssessed

ohi forgot i have the all the movies that i have watched 100 times


I have been to the cinema one day before premiere and I forced my cousin to sleep there because I wanted to be the first person at the queue (and I had school, that's way I forced him)
I made a Twilight Panel at the school :))
I stuck a 2 meter square poster of Robert Pattinson with a Christmas hat on my house's hall (and my parents were punished me) :))

It's enought?!?!?!

i love everything twilight!

I have the 3d lenticular limited edition collectors item new moon poster  

I covered my walls with twi posters


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