The Twilight Saga

What have you done that makes you the ultimate Twilight saga fan???
Have you met any of the cast?
Been to the premiere?
Read the books 100 times?

We wanna know!!!

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I have fought wit my brother, best friend and boyfriend over Twilight, Jacob Blacks hotness and other things
i foughgt wit ma sis ova hus nicer edward or jacob? i prefer edward but jacob is nice
OOOK! my uncle knows the owner of the local movie theater, so when my uncle asked me what i wanted for christmas i told him that i wanted to go see the move at mid night. he told me that he could do better. when i asked him how he told me i could go see the movie with the movie owners family. when i asked him when, he said at 6:30 the day before it came out i told him YES!!!!!!!!!! gtgt bye peeps
I bought a giant biger than life sized framed picture of Edward.

-Kaylee Rae
uhm.. well.. i actually planned to use my sister's credit card to buy all the twilight stuff i can find on amazon, but i changed my mind. better to ask permission. :)) still, it was a promising idea.
if u had ur sis would be blazing mad! best not to be rediculus
WOW!! I though me and my friends were crazy for Twilight Saga, we all read the books like five times and tried to go to the premeirs, but could not talk our parents into it cause it was a school night. I can almost recite Twilight the movie and saw New Moon twice. Ok, I guess me and my friends are equally as crazy for the Twilight Saga.
ummm, i've read the books like five or six times , I have posters , and I have this magazine what came out in Estonia :) . I can' t stop talking about Twilight and I have fought with my mom , over Twilight stuff .
I have Twilight cut-outs from magazines and such, a life-sized JASPER STAND UP, the ultimate edition of the movies, New Moon soundtrack, ACTION FIGURES, Twilight in Forks, stickers, wall quotes, buttons, and much more!
I'm a bit obsessed. ;)

And I persuaded my mum to take me to see Eclipse OPENING DAY!
I youtube Twilight XD.
And I have mooooooooooooore stuff. <.<"
I love twilight on youtube.
IV GOT POSTERS evry rweree in my room i have all the mgz yea me a bit obseed
Okay I have posters from every movie (except eclipse im workin on that!), posters of Rob...hes sooo hott. Uhmm the New Moon and Eclipse movie companions, the New Moon and Eclipse soundtrack, the Twilight and New Moon movies. And magazines that have to do with Twilight. I like live twilight! Plus, I put Twilight pics as my wallpaper on my laptop....Im obsessed


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