The Twilight Saga

ITS GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE! she hasn't even seen or read them and she wont have anything to do with them!

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I know how u feel it gets sooooo frustrating....
the other day we wer playing baseball at school for p.e and it was raining and i said to the girls in my class "guys we playing baseball in the rain!!!!!!" and they looked at me with blank expressions and i was like "Bite Me u dont know wat im tawkin about its twilight ppl WAKE UP !!!!!!!" AND THEY ALL WER LYK OH YEAH............. sumtyms we have to bear with the resentment....
Most of my classmates don't care about it very much, actually. Luckily my best friend loves Twilight. But I don't think it a big problem even if she didn't. We do think disagreements are quite normal, so we just avoid those subjects, and no embarrassment. If your friend doesn't like Twilight as much as you do, well...just talk about it with someone who does. And it's no use trying your best to persuade her. You must have something else in common...
(Sorry if my English's bad.)
i used to be anti twilight!!! but you would never guess now! i love reeding the books. all of my friends loved the books and kept pushing me to read them but i didnt until I decided that i wanted to. dont push her and she might come round! i did so there is hope for all anti twilighters out there
stay friends with him/her because you can't stop being friends just because she/he doesn't like a particular movie ( yes i know that this particular movie happens to be TWILIGHT - which I LOVE - but still don't let it get in the way of your friendship), 2 of my best friends are anti - twilighters and we're still the best of buds xxx
my best friend hates twilight 4 some weird reason, so i dont bring it up around her--much (when i do, she just says its stupid)
her sister read the 1st 2 books and stopped, because she isn't really into the romance.
my mom thinks im crazy or something-- she says its just a stupid series about vampires (i got SOO MAD!!!)
the only girl in my class who actually likes twilight has only seen the movies, and i keep telling her to read the books, but she says that why should she read the book if shes seen the movie? (she only watches them to see taylor lautner)
OMG.. she is crazy and don't nkow anything about our guys...,


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